Wednesday, April 5, 2017

When You Get Burned Out

I know it's been awhile since I've written anything and the truth is I've just been unmotivated and burned out. This is something that we all go through, and I've been this way before, but this time it was different and it lasted a few months. The last few months I've had some transitions and adjustments in my trainers, workouts, and then trying to balance everything else in life I got really overwhelmed. But, because I'm all about being honest and real, there's a lot I stopped doing like my daily meditation, journaling, creating space, and really started to do for everyone else and not for myself and this didn't help the situation at all. I guess the two most important things to point out is, one I never gave up. I still showed up for my workouts but it was my nutrition that I allowed to suffer. I stopped weighing in, I still planned/prepped my meals but I didn't write anything down, and I also didn't stick with what I planned and prepped. The second thing is a few weeks ago I realized what was happening. I took a couple weeks "off" from everything outside my private training sessions and then I reached out to Michael and Sully. I was able to explain what I felt worked for me, what I felt like I didn't have anymore in this transition (which the truth is I still had it, I just failed to communicate what I needed and what I was feeling), and what I needed to be able to get back on track and be successful.

So, I set my goal and the three of us are in the process of getting on the same page so I have what I need to meet my goals. I truly was in burn out mode, and what I'm grateful for is that I have amazing trainers at Fitness Together like Michael and Sully. They take the time to listen to me vent and express what I'm feeling and thinking, but then they actually help me work through it and then are there to help guide me. One of the things we did was an assessment on Monday, and it was a real eye-opener because in these last few months I gained about 30 pounds. But, like I said I've gotten back on track, and I know I can't be hard on myself because this is just part of the journey, and I just need to remember how much I've still accomplished and be proud that I didn't give up completely. And don't get me wrong, Michael and Sully aren't the only amazing trainers at FT, and even though they don't train me regularly they still put up with my mood swings and are always taking the time to listen to me. So big shout out to Roberto, Aaron, Colt, Matt, and Terri. And I also want to thank another FT client and sister Jennifer. She's been my running buddy for quite some time now, and she's been a great support system as far as talking. We both are looking forward to turning our runs into a couple days of just going for some mental and emotional therapeutic walks. These are going to be my recovery days and it will give us an opportunity to just go out, walk, and just enjoy talking.

Right now I'm feeling like I have this fresh start and feel like I've got a good balance to help me keep from feeling overwhelmed and burned out. And what better way to have a fresh start than with a new workout/nutrition journal? The journal that's pictured, I found today and had to get it when I saw "Trust The Journey", because when I'm struggling or doubting anything Michael is always telling me to trust the process.