Monday, July 29, 2013

Weigh-In Update

If you've been following my blog, I try to weigh-in weekly and then post if I gained or lost for the week. With everything going on the past few weeks, I haven't actually weighed in for about three weeks. Last Monday I did start the week off with a "fresh start"mentality and had an assessment done, which told me over the past few weeks I've lost focus. I was up a few pounds, but nothing that can't be easily fixed!

Because of the changes, I mentioned I would be weighing in on Mondays. I know I'm in the majority when it comes to being nervous when getting on those scales, especially if you've worked your butt off (which I did this week) and then the number isn't what you expected or wanted. So now here I am with how I did this first week working with a different trainer and in a different environment. And just as I thought, it wasn't anything what I expected! I KICKED BUTT!!!! I lost 7 pounds this week due to the few minor changes I went through, so I guess embracing change can be a good thing!

One of the changes I embraced. That's me at the new downtown location and new machine. I'm hooked on that rower!
Picture courtesy of Michael Watkins, owner Fitness Together Downtown Tulsa and Jenks/Riverside

It was kind of a bitter/sweet moment. I'm happy I lost 7 pounds and back on track, but deep down I kind of felt like I let my other trainer Mike down because I apparently wasn't staying focused enough to accomplish that kind of weight loss in a long time. I chatted a bit with him tonight, and he's super proud of me, and that really helps me feel better about it. So, let's see what I can do next week!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 Commandments Of Weight Loss

One mistake people tend to make, and I've done it before too, is when beginning a new "diet" we tend to put so many restrictions on what we can and can't eat. When we do this, typically we end up back where we started making the same unhealthy choices; because when we go off our "diet" we have the mentality we've blown it so what's the point in continuing. 

I think the most important thing to remember is it has to be a lifestyle change and don't deprive yourself of your favorite things. For example, pizza is my favorite, and if I were to tell myself I can never have pizza again, chances are I'm not going to be successful because I guarantee you I would eventually give in. I really think all ten of these "commandments" can help a person be successful in their weight loss journey and allow them to become healthier.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mentality Is Everything

This has been a very long week, and I'm facing my own challenges. I felt I came at them with an open mind and positive attitude. The last thing I need is to be burdened with someone else's negativity. As much as I was frustrated, hurt, and upset about the encounters I had today; it's important I remember to stay strong, positive, and focused. I think this quote is perfect for me right now, and I must remember mentality is everything.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Burpee Humor

If you know what a burpee is, then you're probably wondering how I could find humor in burpees. But, I have to admit, even though burpees are not one of my favorite exercises, I couldn't help but laugh because that is a very good question!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Embracing Changes

As I mentioned before, change sometimes can be difficult for me and I had an unexpected change to face when Mike, my trainer of 2 1/2 years, left the fitness center where I train. Over this time, I formed a great friendship, not just with Mike, but the owner Michael as well, which is why I struggled with moving forward. But, they both were great at making sure I knew regardless of what I decided to do, they both supported me 100% and our friendships will continue regardless. And this is what kept me from just completely quitting!

I decided I would embrace the change and focus on what positive results can come from this. The owner is making me feel comfortable with the changes and taking me on himself (he's the lucky one, because I'm a kick ass client to train)! :) But, when I saw this quote, it made me realize I'm moving forward in the right way. I went into my session Monday with an open mind and we are looking at this as a fresh start for everyone. I had an assessment Monday (which means my weigh-in updates will be on Monday now) and with what time we had left had a nice short workout. Tuesday he set me up with a HIIT cardio workout. And then tonight he kicked my butt in my session. Even though I'm still getting used to the fact Mike is no longer there, by taking the plunge and embracing the changes, I'm feeling a lot more confident that everyone will be just fine! So, when you are facing changes in your own personal journey, embrace those changes with an open mind! Whatever you do, always do what's best for you and don't give up.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ever Wondered Why We Plank?

Today I didn't have a session with my trainer, but wanted to get some cardio in, so I asked for a cardio workout. Again, I asked for it! He sent me a HIIT interval workout and I had to do four rounds of these five different exercises, and the last one was a plank. I've asked before, what the heck is the purpose of a plank. And, just in case you are unaware, there are many ways to do planks and all are just as hard. Well apparently this is why we do them!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Beginnings On An Old Journey

As you can tell by the dates of my post it's been a couple weeks since I've been on here. I do have a lot going on health wise and also struggling on how to move forward with my fitness journey. It has been an emotional roller coaster the past couple days, but hopefully after today I'll have a clear mind as I move forward. I need to make sure the decisions I make are for my best interest, and I need to make them wisely and not based on my emotions.

In regards to my health, I'm sure it's nothing major, but I have not been sleeping well, having daily headaches, random dizzy spells, and lacking energy. I have an appointment with my doctor next Thursday so we'll go from there.

In regards to my fitness journey, there have been many changes that have happened quickly and unexpectedly the past couple days. My main trainer, Mike, is no longer working at the fitness center where I train. I've been working with him for 2 1/2 years and he was always one of my biggest motivators and supporters, and over that time he also has become one of my best friends. It's difficult to know he won't be there any more, but I also know there is something great out there for him. And even though he may not be training me, we'll always be friends. But, even before him leaving, I had other things that were bothering me that had me questioning each month on if I wanted to continue my journey with the fitness center. I met with the owner today and I was able to get all my concerns and feelings out there, which helped tremendously.

For those of you that know me really well, know that I'm a person of consistency and when I face changes like these it can be very emotional and difficult for me. As much as I will miss Mike training me, and as much as he will miss training the clients he had at the fitness center, we both have better things ahead of us and regardless of what happens our friendship will always be.

When I saw this quote, it made me think about how important it is to make sure I do not make decisions while I'm so emotional. If I just quit right now, I'm basically giving up and closing the book on this journey. But, with the changes taking place, I realized I need to face the changes with an open mind, take it a day at a time, and see where my journey takes me. So, here's to new beginnings on an old journey. And Mike, you're an amazing person, trainer, and friend; so here's to new beginnings on your own journey and can't wait to see what good comes your way!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

7 Signs You're Getting Healthier

I came across this link on my personal Facebook page and wanted to share on my blog. The article was posted on The True Activist and it's very informative. Click here to go to the article titled "7 Signs You're Getting Healthier".

Monday, July 8, 2013

One Day At A Time

There are times when a person sets a goal and taking it a day at a time is the best thing to do. Don't get me wrong, it's always good to have short and long term goals, but sometimes before we get to these goals we tend to start struggling for various reasons. We quit seeing results, it becomes too hard, daily routines change, we get bored, etc. But, instead of having the mindset that we can't do it, we need to just stop for a moment and take it a day at a time.

When I saw this picture, I wanted to share it because this was how my thought process was today. This week will be kind of an abnormal schedule for me at work. I'm having to reschedule my workout sessions, which that's not too bad; but it's causing limited time for me to get my extra cardio in. And all I can think about is how I have a goal to meet by October 1st.

Today when I went in to work, I knew I wouldn't make it to the fitness center since I didn't have a session, but told myself I would try to get some cardio in at some point. So, I basically started the day at step 5. As the day went on, I realized it was going to be more difficult than I thought to get some type of activity in. But, then I told myself I can and will do it. So, I had three opportunities to use the stairs at work instead of the elevator, so I did. But, by the time I got home it was 8:15 in the evening. Typically I tell myself it's too late to do anything, but this time I told myself even if it's only 30 minutes I will get some type of cardio in so I went for a 30 minute walk/jog. I felt great afterwards because I was able to put myself at the top step telling myself "Yes, I did it!".

So, look at your own personal goals, and when you get to a point where you feel discouraged or about to give up; stop and just take it a day at a time. Where are you at on the step process? Regardless if you're still on the bottom step, figure out what you need to do to start climbing to reach your goals. Get past the try, because chances are once you've mentally told yourself you can and will do it, then YOU WILL DO IT!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Yoga?

I've been trying to come up with something new to include in my health and fitness regimen that will allow me to reach my current goal, and after much research I've decided to go with yoga. There are many overall mental and physical health benefits. And, yoga is something I can easily incorporate into my daily routine whether it's before or after a session at the fitness center, or if I'm at home.

I downloaded an app on my tablet that has daily yoga exercises, full programs, various levels, and the relaxing music included in the background. Of the full programs, they have four that total 13 weeks. I have 12 weeks to meet my goal, so I thought this would be an excellent way for me to add something that can help me be successful.

I feel by doing yoga, I will be able to gain the overall health benefits and reach my October 1st goal. I can't go wrong!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

No Excuses For Me!

Being the 4th of July, I'm off work and the fitness center is closed; which means I have no session tonight and not able to go in for cardio. I slept in passed noon today and all I want to do is stay home. I have contemplated on just going for a walk/jog in our neighborhood.

As I'm sitting on the couch watching reruns of shows on TBS, the quote "You can have results or excuses. Not both." popped into my head. And it made me realize I can't use the excuse that the fitness center is closed to not get the results I'm going after. 

So, about 5:45 this evening I decided to to get out of my jammies, put on my workout clothes, and get out there and do my cardio. Because next Wednesday when I weigh-in, I want results!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Operation 37-10-01

Last Wednesday I mentioned I have not had any type of specific goal lately, so my trainer strongly suggested one for me. My goal is to lose 37 pounds by October 1st (10-01) in order to be at a specific weight. It is a practical goal, and following these five steps, it is possible to be successful. So, I started to re-evaluate everything I'm doing and make modifications in order to meet this goal.

STEP 1 - SET GOAL: This has been set and I WILL lose 37 pounds by 10-01 (hence the name Operation 37-10-01).
STEP 2 - MAKE PLAN: I started reorganizing and have made the adjustments needed to follow through with my plan.
STEP 3 - GET TO WORK: First thing to do is to implement the changes. As instructed by my trainer, I needed to intensify my cardio, and that's exactly what I did. I also have a new way of tracking my food and cardio. And, because overall my food/calorie intake seem pretty good, I'm focusing on ensuring I get my cardio in regularly along with recording it in more detail.
STEP 4 - STICK TO IT - For me this is a mental process, making sure I follow through with what I tell myself I WILL do. The biggest thing for me is to take it a day at a time, make healthy choices, show up for my sessions with my trainer, and get my cardio in.
STEP 5 - REACH GOAL - Following through with steps 1-4 will allow me to reach step 5 by 10-01.

So, now that I have set my goal and made a plan, it's time to get to work! I'm officially kicking off "OPERATION 37-10-01". LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!! :D

Weigh-In Wednesday

This morning I was slightly disappointed, I only lost half a pound. But, I've just recently made the modifications to my cardio, so I'm hoping I've kicked started my body, because as I mentioned before I have a new goal to meet by October 1st.

I'm sure I'll get some feedback tonight when I show my food/cardio journal to my trainer. Even though I'm disappointed, I know all I can do is move forward and not get upset about. I just started to intensify my cardio the last couple days. My trainer even mentioned, because what I eat is basically on track, that if I'm not losing I probably need to look at my cardio. So, besides intensifying my cardio, I'm thinking I need to get an extra day in on the weekends. I just know I can't get frustrated and stressed, because that definitely won't help me lose weight. So, I've decided starting today cardio will be my best friend and I'll embrace it with determination, hard work, intensity, and sweat!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Motivational Quote - Learn From The Past

Growing up I loved Disney movies, and one of my favorites by far is "The Lion King". I recently was chatting with a friend who had the opportunity to come to Tulsa with his daughter to see the live musical, and I couldn't help but think of how amazing it was when I saw it several years ago. It also made me think of all the wonderful life advice Simba received, and this particular quote is one we can all relate to somehow.
"Ah, yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or...learn from it." - Rafiki from The Lion King
We all have something in our past that has hurt us emotionally, mentally, or even physically. Regardless if it's something recent or a long time ago, we can still learn from it. If you read one of my very first posts, "The Beginning - Getting Serious", you would know I ran for many years from something that hurt me in the past, but I eventually quit running and dealt with the issue. Even though it was difficult to deal with, I got through it and was able to take away a very important lesson; and that is running from what is hurting you will not make it better or go away. The best thing to do is face the difficulty, move forward, and make your life better!