Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Embracing Changes

As I mentioned before, change sometimes can be difficult for me and I had an unexpected change to face when Mike, my trainer of 2 1/2 years, left the fitness center where I train. Over this time, I formed a great friendship, not just with Mike, but the owner Michael as well, which is why I struggled with moving forward. But, they both were great at making sure I knew regardless of what I decided to do, they both supported me 100% and our friendships will continue regardless. And this is what kept me from just completely quitting!

I decided I would embrace the change and focus on what positive results can come from this. The owner is making me feel comfortable with the changes and taking me on himself (he's the lucky one, because I'm a kick ass client to train)! :) But, when I saw this quote, it made me realize I'm moving forward in the right way. I went into my session Monday with an open mind and we are looking at this as a fresh start for everyone. I had an assessment Monday (which means my weigh-in updates will be on Monday now) and with what time we had left had a nice short workout. Tuesday he set me up with a HIIT cardio workout. And then tonight he kicked my butt in my session. Even though I'm still getting used to the fact Mike is no longer there, by taking the plunge and embracing the changes, I'm feeling a lot more confident that everyone will be just fine! So, when you are facing changes in your own personal journey, embrace those changes with an open mind! Whatever you do, always do what's best for you and don't give up.