Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daily Motivational - Now Is The Perfect Time!

Many, many, many, many, many (well, you get the point) times I've said I would start a "diet", but not today because the weekend is coming so I'll start Monday. Or, a holiday or special event is coming up so I'll just start that "diet" Monday.

Well, with today being Easter, most people are spending time with their families and probably are anticipating a delicious meal. And these are times when it's natural for a person to justify to themselves that there's no point in starting a "diet" now, just wait and start on Monday. 

But, here's the thing, holidays and special occasions are throughout the year; and this holiday will be back next year as well. There's no point in waiting to start eating healthier and working out. You can start today making those healthy choices, and still enjoy the holiday meals. It doesn't mean you can't have the dessert, or in my case instead of choosing between the dinner roll and the pasta for my carbs, I'll have a small portion of both. Having a little extra of something one meal from time to time isn't the problem, it's when you overeat on a daily basis. One thing I do is I plan around the meal, making sure my other snacks and meals are healthy and light.

Don't feel the need to wait until Monday, because the only perfect time to start eating healthier and working out is right now. You're always going to have "something" coming up, and if you wait for the perfect opportunity, you'll be waiting awhile. So, enjoy your holiday meal with your family, I know I will!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daily Movtivational - Make It A Habit

I totally agree with this statement. Once you've made that "lifestyle change" and start working out on a regular basis and eating healthier, it becomes more of a habit and is more natural. Don't get me wrong, I still think regardless of how long or well you've been able to adapt to these healthier lifestyle changes, it does still take some encouragement and motivation to keep going; however, I think once it becomes a habit it may be a little easier.

For me personally, because I've been doing this for two years, it is a lot easier for me. Yes, I have days or moments that I eat my pizza or I have a piece of cake; but, because my overall habits have changed, it's a lot easier for me to control when and how much I eat of these things. I mean pizza (or any Italian) is my all time favorite, and from time to time I do want to eat some. I have a piece of birthday cake or dessert at a special family dinner. But I no longer eat these things in large portions, nor do I eat like that on a daily basis.

So, once you've been motivated to get started and make the changes you need to make in order to become healthier, stay with it! Because once it's become a habit, it'll be a lot easier and worth it!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Yes I Am Proud!

When I saw this, I had to post it! A couple times a week I have people ask me, usually the same few people, if I'm still working with my trainers and eating healthy. It used to annoy me because it made me feel like they were expecting or wanting me to say no, like they were just waiting for me give up. But now I'm not bothered by it, because it does make me proud that I can say "Yep, I am!". I've had people tell me I'm obsessed with working out and eating healthy. Am I? Maybe, but now it's just how I live my life. Besides, I don't see it as being obsessed, I think I'm just passionate about my life and becoming healthier! So, yes.....I'M PROUD TO BE A WORKOUTAHOLIC!!!!!!

Daily Motivational - Don't Quit

I know this is a little late this morning, but we are off work today and so I slept in a little. This quote is on the wall at Fitness Together in one of the workout rooms, and this is one that sticks in my mind; especially when I'm having an intense leg day! There are many times when I feel I'm not going to get through what the trainers have planned. Sometimes I think they know my capabilities and limits better than I know myself. And I do get frustrated, I start thinking I can't finish what they are expecting of me because I'm getting exhausted and just don't feel I can push anymore. But, then it never fails, the trainers are right there encouraging and reminding me I can do it. I have to mentally focus and tell myself whatever frustration, fatigue, or pain I'm feeling will go away; but quitting, no matter how much easier it would be, is not an option!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daily Motivational - Balance

When it comes to nutrition and exercise, we hear a lot about balance. Making sure you're eating, not only the right foods, but the right amount. And when exercising, it's important you incorporate different types of training into your workout.

But, having a balanced diet and workout regimen isn't the only thing that is important. From my own personal experience, it's also important to balance your life; such as work, friends, family, and even "me" time. The hardest thing for me to do, but it's very important, is to leave work at work. When I have a stressful day at work, sometimes I tend to let that effect the rest of my day.

Even though I do a lot better at balancing everything out; I have learned it's important to keep work at work, make time for friends and family, and also make time for myself. What we need to balance in our life can be different for each of us, some may have more things to balance out than others, so find what you need to balance in your life and you'll feel better and probably in more control of your life.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, I knew it would eventually happen! I would have a week where I would have to post a gain! :(  I was up 1.6 this week, but talked with my trainer after he looked over last weeks food journal; and because this week could be due to hormonal water retention, we're not too concerned. He did make a suggestion to start weighing in the mornings instead, just because what I eat through-out the day could make the weight flucuate and be less consistent. So, I'm going to weigh tomorrow morning just to see how much of a difference it really makes. Maybe changing the time I weigh in would give me more consistent results, we'll see.

This past week I made all my sessions, got all my cardio in, and did well on my nutrition. There were a couple days I didn't take in as many calories I should have, and he did point that out. This is where it's beneficial to have food and workout journals to review. This way you can reflect on what you did to see if you can pin point where you could have done better, and make those changes for the next week. Or, if there's really nothing standing out, take the gain and don't let it discourage you or get you off track!

Daily Motivational - Competition

This week at Fitness Together we officially kicked off the six week "Great Jeans Challenge". In this challenge we all have an opportunity to win a new pair of jeans, we just have to lose two jean sizes in the next six weeks; but, only one person has the opportunity to win free training sessions and that person has to be the one who improves the most over the challenge! My regular training sessions are 1:1 private three times a week. But for the next six weeks I'm adding a fourth day; however, this session is with a small group PACK session. It's been about a year since I participated in a PACK session, and I was a little nervous about it because the other two ladies are my competition for this challenge. But, we all kicked butt, and after my legs got feeling back in them and the nauseous feeling left, I was able to get on the treadmill and do my cardio. Knowing I had this competition, did it motivate me a little more? Yes, but also having the owner right there reminding us what we were there for helped as well.

It's good to get involved with a small group session, or workout with a friend or relative, for some extra motivation. If you are the competitive type, and even if there's no prize (besides the fact you're getting closer to reaching your goals and you're doing more than the other person), this is a good way to push yourself. Because when the trainer tells you all to do as many rounds of exercises within a certain amount of time, you're going to bust your butt to get the most rounds! I have some co-workers who have recently joined a fitness center and one of them mentioned having their assessment. She did 65 crunches in 60 seconds, because all she knew is she had to get more crunches in than her sister did.

We've heard before, there's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, and I truly believe it can push a person beyond what they imagined. In fact, this is what keeps a lot of people motivated and on track, trying to be the best.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Motivational - How Far Have You Come?

Because I still have a ways to go before I hit my final goal, I still have moments when I feel it's impossible. I get frustrated and discouraged when I quit seeing the results I want, and I have to remember what all I've accomplished. When I first started at Fitness Together I didn't know if I would last the first three months I committed to, but here I am two years later doing things I thought I would never be able to do.

Someone sent me a message they enjoy reading my blog and I make it seem so easy. And as easy as I may make it appear, I struggle even today. It's definitely easier today than it was two years ago, but I still have my moments (ask my trainers, they are the ones who hear the most whining during my sessions). I can tell you starting this blog has helped me stay even more motivated and I enjoy being able to share my thoughts and experiences. One thing I've learned these past couple years, is this becoming healthier journey can be an emotional roller coaster; but as long as I don't quit and remember if I continue to workout and eat right, I'll reach my final goal!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Recipe - Tilapia with Black Beans and Corn

As I mentioned in a prior post, I'm going way out of my comfort zone by fixing a fish recipe. But, I was very pleased with this tasty recipe from "Ready, Set, Eat" at the following link It's Tilapia with Black Beans and Corn and it was just as delicious as the picture looks!

At only 274 calories per serving, you have a delicious meal. Since I had it for dinner, and I avoid carbs for dinner, I had a serving of green beans with it. If I were having this for lunch, I would include a serving of whole grain brown rice or whole wheat pasta.

So far all my recipes have been from this site, and I have several in my "recipe box" from chicken and beef to breakfast, pork, and even some desserts. I do browse other sites, but what I like about this site is it's user friendly and also gives the nutritional values.

If you try it, hope you enjoy it! And if you have a favorite site or recipe, I encourage you to share it!

Daily Motivational - Patience

Since today we're officially kicking off "The Great Jeans Challenge" at Fitness Together, I thought this was appropriate for today's motivational quote. In general, we live in a "I want it now" or "I don't have time" kind of world. With technology today, everything we want seems to be just a click a way, and I think we tend to forget there are just some things we can't achieve immediately no matter how badly we would like to.

Over the past couple years, although I still get frustrated when something is going the way I planned it or expected it to, I've had to learn to have A LOT of patience. And these next six weeks during this challenge, no matter how hard I try to be perfect the whole time, I'm going to have to have a lot of patience with myself because I'm going to have a bad or off day. Losing weight safely and in a healthy way is best when it's done naturally and slowly. Just remember, you will eventually reach all your goals if you just have patience and don't give up!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

This weekend I've not felt the greatest and haven't posted much. I've just been trying to take it easy and rest as much as possible. I do want to thank everyone who is supporting me by reading my blog and liking my Facebook page! It's been helping me immensely, and hope in turn you are getting something out of it as well.

I will be preparing the recipe of the week for dinner this evening, so look for that post tomorrow. I'm going way out of my comfort zone and making a tilapia dish. Hope it tastes as good as it looks in the picture!

Daily Motivational

For me personally, I have just gotten to a point where I do what's best for me. I don't let people's comments get to me. For example, I don't participate in every food/snack day at work, and yeah some people have made comments that I'm boring or not a team player, but I don't let that bother me. I'll participate in one from time to time, but because the majority of the food is not all that healthy, it's in my best interest to just not participate and be tempted to overeat on something I shouldn't. Some people understand, but some people don't and I can't be concerned about what other people think. My concern is doing what's best for me and that's all. So, make sure in the end you're doing what's best for you and surround yourself as much as possible with those who will support you in whatever decision you make!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daily Motivational - Will you?

When we are faced with difficult or inconvenient situations, we tend to question ourselves on if we can or can't do something. I just went through this thought process when they announced the jeans challenge. Even though overall my leg is better, I still have to make sure I don't overdo it and make it worse. Because taking on this challenge means adding another small group PACK session to my schedule, and having challenging goals to meet, I questioned on if I would be able to do the challenge and still get something out of it. But, I shouldn't have questioned on if I could do it, just will I face it, because the trainers can always modify any exercise if needed and I can still be successful.

Don't make it a question on if you can do something, because I'm pretty sure you would be able to do whatever you're facing. It's just up to you to make it happen. Make it a question of "What will I do to make sure I succeed?".

Friday, March 22, 2013

Daily Motivational - Progress

I know for me personally, when I got to a point where I wasn't seeing results, I would just quit trying and go back to my old unhealthy habits. Which typically meant I would gain back any weight I had lost, and then plus some.

Something I try to keep in mind is not letting one specific thing be my focus. I know we can tend to allow the scale to determine how well we are progressing; but we can't let that be the only factor. I had a friend yesterday tell me she had only lost a pound, but was losing inches. So, just because the scale didn't go down much, she's making some type of progress in the fact she's losing inches.

Another personal example, that I'll never forget when I don't see my weight going down, of why it's important to not let the scale determine your progress is when I lost only five pounds in two months between my assessments. If weighing was the only factor to my assessments, I wouldn't have seen the improvement between my lean mass and fat mass. The scale only showed I lost five pounds, but what it didn't show was that I gained 13 pounds of lean mass and lost 18 pounds of fat mass.

I still have moments, in what I call my health and fitness journey, where my progress is not only slow but sometimes no progress at all. I've even had moments in my journey where I've gained weight and didn't improve at all between my assessments. But, the difference between my mindset from the past and today, is when I have these "slow progress" moments, I don't give up on myself. Don't get me wrong, I definitely get frustrated, but I don't get discouraged and quit!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weigh-In Update

So, it wasn't the best week, but at least I was still down. I lost about a 1/2 pound since last Wednesday and reflecting on this past week, it wasn't nutrition I lacked, but my cardio. I got my time in as usual, but I didn't do any type of intense cardio. Basically I wasn't pushing myself as much. I know I had to be a little careful since my leg started hurting, but I could have done a better job and done more.

I did get all my stuff for the 6 week challenge I'll be starting next week and there is a lot of beneficial information. I have a lot of planning to do over the weekend! The owner took a picture today and will take another after the challenge. I told him tonight at least this before picture is a lot better than the last time I had to take a before picture! :) I'll be keeping you updated on how I'm doing on the challenge and the results when it's over.

So, after not such a great week, MOVING FORWARD! That's what we have to do when we have days, or a week in my case, where we're just not completely on track with everything. We have to get back on track and do everything even better and not just give up! So here's to a better next week!

Daily Motivational - Push Yourself

Don't get me wrong, I think it's very important to have people in your life who give you that extra push by encouraging and supporting you on a daily basis. I know I wouldn't be where I'm at today if I didn't have people like that in my life; however, that's all they can do. When it comes down to it, we only have ourselves to answer to if we make bad decisions on what we eat, or if we don't put in the extra effort during a work out session or cardio. No one else can do it for me or you, so the person who has to push you the most is yourself.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In

This week my weigh-in will be done on Thursday. I'm taking part in a 6 week challenge at the fitness center and tomorrow they will be weighing me and taking all my measurements. I'll post tomorrow if I lost or gained since last week. Also, at the end of the challenge,  I'll let you know how I did. If I lose 2 jeans sizes the owner will buy me a new pair of designer jeans, and if I improve the most I get two weeks of free training! What motivation that is! :)

Thanks for everyone's support!

Daily Motivational

Today I wanted to share a motivational video that includes the actual trainers and clients who motivate me on a daily basis. And maybe I'm also promoting a little on their behalf! :) This video was made by the owner of the Fitness Together where I train, Michael Watkins. This video includes footage and photos of actual clients and trainers where I have been so successful, and you'll even see me holding up a pair of my before jeans!

Along with the current Jenks/Riverside location, Michael is really close to opening a second location downtown Tulsa; and this is very exciting for the FT family! If you are inspired by what you see and are interested in more information on private sessions, or the PACK small group sessions, give them a call!

You can check out their Facebook pages for each location and like them to keep up on specials and updates! Click Jenks/Riverside or Downtown Tulsa to check out his pages and for contact information! Don't forget to tell him Sherrie sent you!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daily Motivational - You Can Do It

When I first started working with a personal trainer, the word can't slipped out a lot! Some of the crazy stuff they ask me to do is like way out there! Stuff I never thought I would be able to do. But what I've learned, besides saying you can't do something to your trainer gets you extra burpees, is my trainers know my capabilities better than I do.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy at telling ourselves we can't do something. And the worst part is we tend to listen to ourselves. There are times it takes the trainer proving me wrong, but I end up being able to do what they ask of me. So, when you encounter something difficult or out of your comfort zone, don't tell yourself you can't do it. Keep positive, stay focused, and know you can do anything you set your mind to!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Recipe - Teriyaki Beef and Peppers

Here's another delicious recipe from a site called "Ready, Set, Eat" and the link is It's simple to make, and only 330 calories per serving for a complete meal!

For those who know me well, are aware that I eat a lot of chicken. Beef and pork every once in awhile, but mainly chicken. That's one reason posting the weekly recipe is benefiting me. It's pushing me outside my comfort zone to explore and try new things, and I did exactly that this weekend! I'm not a huge seafood fan, so finding recipes that I like are hard to come by; but that is something I'm going to work on. If you have a delicious healthy recipe you would like to share, I encourage you to do so! Enjoy!

Daily Motivational - Commitment

This is an excellent explanation of the difference between being interested in something and the commitment to something. Don't just be interested in health and fitness, make the commitment to yourself to change whatever you need to in order to live a healthier life!

People ask me some of things I do differently when it comes to eating. Because fried foods were a big part of my unhealthy eating habits, that was one of the first things I quit eating. There are many healthy alternatives to foods that may not be the best for us. Keep an open mind and try new things!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daily Motivational - Goals

If you have 5 pounds to lose, or over 200 pounds to lose, setting goals can be hard. Even today, for me it's out of fear I will set a goal that I will not reach. Something to keep in mind is you may not always reach every goal you set the first time, but if you keep going and don't give up then eventually you will. When creating goals, use the S.M.A.R.T method, and it will help you get to where you want to be.

Because I still have a ways to go to reach my final goal, I still have yet to set it. I'm still making small goals that will lead me to a place I will be happy and healthy. But, the important thing to remember is if you set a goal and don't make it, DON'T EVER GIVE UP! Remember, life happens! And sometimes you may need to reevaluate your goals and make adjustments where and when it's needed.

The majority of my weight was lost the first year in 2011. Last year was hard for me physically and emotionally. I had an emergency appendectomy, hurt my leg twice, and went through some personal transitions that were very emotional to deal with and could have easily been used as excuses to just quit. I struggled because physically I was limited to some of the things I could do, and it frustrated me! Even though I didn't meet a lot of goals I hoped to achieve last year, I never gave up. I kept my sessions and just did the best I could, and even if I didn't improve much last year I at least kept the weight off I had lost.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daily Motivational

I know for me, becoming healthier can be more mental than anything. Once I started to work out and eat properly to be healthy, and not to just lose weight and be skinny, it seemed to be easier to truly commit to my sessions and making healthier choices in my diet. Also, once I quit worrying about what everyone else thought and told my self I am worth it, I was able to focus on doing what was best for ME and not anyone else.

Remember, it's okay to be a little selfish sometimes, YOU are worth it too! When I first started getting serious, I missed or was late, to many family dinners because the time was set in the middle of my workout session. It didn't mean I didn't want to spend time with my family, but because I've made a mental decision that canceling a workout just to go eat (probably at a place that doesn't have the healthiest choices) is not worth it. Fortunately my family has been very supportive, and now try to set family dinners around my workouts.

So, if you're getting serious, don't think of "dieting" and "exercising" as a way to just lose weight. It's more than that, think of it as becoming healthier. And make the commitment to yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Challenge

Here's the challenge for this weekend. There are 5 exercises and the goal is to do as many rounds in 10 minutes. Feel free to share how many you did! The goal here is to challenge yourself to get in just a little more activity.

Make modifications if needed. If there is something you just are unable to do at this time and need an alternative to something I have listed below, then replace it with something you are comfortable doing or message me and I'll be more then happy to give you other suggestions!

50 JUMPING JACKS - modify by lightly holding on to a chair and jumping out and back in with your feet.

40 BICYCLE CRUNCHES (20 each side) 

30 BODY SQUATS - modify these by how low you go down.

20 LUNGES (10 each side) - modify these by  how low you go down.


10 PUSH-UPS - modify these by going to your knees; or even doing them off the wall.

Daily Motivational

Today I decided to share a motivational video. It's part 3 of a motivational series this guy did; but when I saw this one, it was something I could really relate to and wanted to post this one. Facing the fear of the hard work and failure is something we can all relate to. The video is about 3 1/2 minutes, I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daily Motivational

This one seemed appropriate today after the tough session my trainer put me through last night. I was kind of disappointed in myself, because after I had finished two rounds of this intense workout, which included both heavy weights and high reps (and I felt like someone just ran me over with a freight train), I found out there was actually a third round but I ran out of time. It frustrates me when I know my trainers have put together a workout, they obviously think I can complete in the allotted 45 minutes, and then I don't complete it. It doesn't mean I've failed, just means I still need to improve. But, even though I was disappointed that I didn't get that third round in, I am okay with knowing I did give it my all and that next time he puts me through that workout, I'll get all three rounds in!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, to help myself with my accountability, I said I would post every Wednesday what I gained or lost for the week. This week I lost 1 pound!

Because it's the first weigh-in I've done since starting the blog, I just want to share some of my thoughts regarding the scale and weighing in. Keep in mind, becoming healthier doesn't always mean losing weight. Some people can have a normal weight and still be unhealthy. So, if losing weight is part of becoming healthier for you, I welcome you to join me in weigh-in Wednesday and track your weight in a journal or spreadsheet; or pick another day to weigh-in. You're more than welcome to share it on here if that helps you with your accountability, but if not that's fine, I just encourage you to at least keep track of it in a journal or spreadsheet.

And don't fret if you gain a little. The scale is a good guide, but there are other aspects to improving your health than just losing weight. The scale can't be the only thing we focus on, and definitely can't allow it to get in our way of our overall goal we want to achieve, which is getting to a place where you are happy with yourself and living a healthy life!
Before losing over 100 pounds, I was on three different prescription asthma medications, plus back-up inhaler and took breathing treatments as needed, and on two different prescription allergy medications. A few years before getting serious, I had a bad spell where they had to call an ambulance on me three times at work within a five month period because my asthma was so out of control. Since losing the weight, I have been taken off all my prescription medications. I have an inhaler, just in case, but I have not had any need for it for a year and a half. On occasion I'll take some over the counter Benadryl when something is stirring in the air, but I no longer have to buy monthly prescriptions.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daily Motivational

I think when people are asked why they don't exercise on a regular basis, one of the top responses is "I don't have time". And the typical reply from people who do exercise regularly is, you just have to make time. Even if it's skipping a 30 minute show and going for a walk, that's better than nothing. Because we all have various obstacles that challenge us to make time, for each person how to do that will be different. But, as you reflect on what and how you personally need to make time to get in your physical activity, keep this thought in mind.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Recipe - Baked Italian Chicken

I made this Baked Italian Chicken over the weekend, and it is delicious at only 237 calories per serving! The recipe came from a site called "Ready, Set, Eat" and the link is

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, "what do you eat with your meals?". One of the things I've changed in my daily food intake is I have eliminated carbs for dinner, so for dinner I would eat this with a side of green beans or side salad keeping my calories around 300 or less. And if eating for lunch I would have this with a serving of whole grain rice or whole wheat past and still have a healthy meal for around 400 calories or less.

If you try it, hope you enjoy!

Daily Motivational

Yesterday I posed the question, how many times have you started a new diet or fitness program. And I know it's frustrating to think about how many times I've started over, and typically Monday's are a good "start over" day so I thought this would be good for today's Daily Motivational. And I still have days that I struggle with the thoughts of, "Is it really worth it?", or "Am I really going to be able to reach my final goal?". I have shared this on my personal Facebook page before, but it never hurts to see it again as a reminder.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Beginning - Getting Serious

How many times have you started a new diet or fitness program telling yourself and others, "I'm serious this time. I'm going to stick with this and lose this weight."? And you're serious for a few days, or if you're really serious maybe even a few weeks. I know I've done this too many times to count or remember.

So, how did I know I was serious two years ago? Well, for me, before I could really be serious I had to confront and deal with the obstacles that sabotaged my health and weight in the first place. Yes, I know we all make our own choices, but I think most of us that have weight issues like this, the start of it is due to some negative personal experience that triggers these bad habits to form. My personal obstacles were getting my depression and anxiety under control, which meant I had to confront the main issue that was causing my symptoms. My issues stemmed from four years of childhood sexual abuse, from the age of 12 until I was 16.

About eight years ago is when I truly first started to take my life back and quit living it out of fear for other people. I sought out a professional counselor in order to figure out how to live life without out fear of being hurt again and learn to trust people. Within a little over a year, even though I'll never forget what happened to me, I was finally starting to learn how to cope.

At this point, I felt I accomplished something huge and decided to tackle my next goal. I went to college right after high school, but quit after my first year. The job I had at the time offered tuition reimbursement, so I went back to college! I struggled a bit in the beginning, not knowing what I really wanted to pursue, so changed majors three times. I started in computer science and went to information technology before finally deciding on business management. It just made sense for me, since at some point I was in some type of supervisor/management role in the majority of my jobs. I graduated with my associates in 2008 and then my bachelors in 2010.

Now, we're approaching the new year of 2011, and I'm thinking I really should focus on my health and get some of this weight off. At this point it had been so long since I had weighed myself, I was clueless on what it was. My job offered Weight Watchers (WW) at work, and paid for most of it as long as I attended the meetings. I signed up telling myself that same thing, "I'm serious this time. I'm going to stick with this and lose this weight." But what exactly made this time different from all the others, where typically after only a few days or weeks I would say I can't do it or it's impossible at this point? Well, I can bet if you were to step on a scale after many, many years and see you now weigh 350 pounds, you would probably get pretty dang serious also. Granted I was fortunate to always have normal results when they tested me for things like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc., but I knew if I didn't take this serious those normal results wouldn't last long. The only thing I was on medication for was allergies and asthma. Which, by the way, I'm no longer on any type of medications. Well, with the exception of some ibuprofen after a killer workout from my trainers!

In January of 2011 I started the WW program, and within the first month lost 15 pounds. But then the next few weeks I basically went back up and down between 13 and 15 pounds (this is where I would normally tell myself it can't be done). I knew what I had to do, and if I was really serious about my health I needed to get some activity in. Like most people, I had no idea where to begin. I've always tried to do exercise programs and gyms on my own, but it just wasn't working. Again, I needed professional help, so I started to research personal trainers. And that's when I pushed all my fears aside and reached out to Michael Watkins at Fitness Together (FT) and that was the beginning of me taking my life back completely. I continued working with the trainers, while I continued the WW program; but because Fitness Together gives you all the tools and knowledge to learn and make healthy choices, by the end of that year I was no longer needing the WW program to live a healthy life. I had finally made that lifestyle change everyone kept talking about. I put all my trust into my team of trainers at FT and I have currently lost 105 pounds total, and still going strong!

How will you know when "this time" you're serious? When you're willing to push all your fears aside and do what ever is necessary to take control of your health. And I know, what works for one person may not work for someone else. So, when you are serious, find what works for you! But, if you struggle finding what works for you, I encourage you to contact Michael Watkins at our local Fitness Together and tell him Sherrie, aka Shui, sent you! He has a location near Jenks/Riverside, and opening really soon a new downtown Tulsa location. If you're not here locally, visit the corporate Fitness Together site and find a local FT; I'm pretty sure they can help you get the job done also!

Daily Motivation

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Let's get started.....

Well, this is my first official post on the actual blog! I'm working on creating the blog, along with a Facebook page. My main purpose in starting the blog was to keep me on track, help express my thoughts/feelings and sort them out, and also keep me accountable. But, if it can encourage and help someone else, then it's serving even a greater purpose. This is the first time I've created a blog, so be patient with me as I get it going. Once I get it up and running I will have regular updates and share things that have helped me get where I am today! So, click on the link to the actual blog and follow me on there as well! Thanks to everyone who supports me, and hope anything I write or post will be inspiring for others!