Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Listening To Your Inner Voice

When I go several days, or even weeks, without being in God's Word daily or without singing or playing my violin in church services I find myself struggling. I find myself getting overwhelmed with emotions. I'm not content and feel confused. Like most people I try to make this a priority and make time, but as soon as life starts getting chaotic and busy, it tends to be something I put on the back burner and go to if and when I have time.

When this happens over a span of several days, or like currently weeks, that's when I notice I struggle to stay positive, I feel I'm not connected in my faith and my relationship with God, and I start feeling down. When I recognize these feelings, I start telling myself I need to do make sure I'm doing something daily that keeps me connected and focused on my faith. I need to make time to read daily scripture and be in the Word, I need to practice my violin or work on songs for church services, or even just put my headphones and put on my worship music; because by doing at least one or more of these things daily for myself.....I will feel better. I will not struggle. I will be more content.

This is something I go through from time to time, and before doing my positive focus and going to church tonight, I was feeling this way. But, as I sat in church tonight, telling myself these same things, another voice in my head said, "You are going about it all wrong! You're making it about YOU!" What? No, I'm not! That's what I need to do to make sure I feel better. And then it was like a little light bulb popped up above my head and I thought, "Oh yeah, that voice is right!"

I reflected on my positive focus I did earlier, and on my original thoughts, and realized in my mind I needed to do all these things for ME! I WILL FEEL BETTER! I WILL NOT STRUGGLE! I WILL BE MORE CONTENT! In reality I need to do these things to learn, grow, and strengthen my relationship with God. I need to do these things to worship, praise, and give thanks to God.

So, what did I get out of this conversation of voices in my head? Yes, I need to make time for these things daily for my spiritual well-being, but I need to remind myself it's for God's purpose and not mine. The fact I get a feeling of content, my relationship with God is strengthening, and that connection with my faith is stronger is a bonus to the real purpose of why I need to do these things....TO WORSHIP, PRAISE, AND GIVE THANKS TO GOD!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 2015 - "300 rep" Challenge

The last monthly challenge of the year will be to do a total of 300 reps everyday in the month of December. The 300 reps will be a combination of the following exercises...

Push-ups x 100 reps
Sit-ups x 100 reps
Squats x 100 reps

Here's the best part of the decide how you get the reps in daily! You can knock it all out at once. You can break it down and do 20 reps of each for 5 rounds or even 25 reps of each for 4 rounds. Or you can even break it up throughout the day by doing some in the morning and then some in the evening. As long as you get 100 reps of each exercise in everyday, then you are good! And yes, I am aware that means by the end of the month the total number of reps for each exercise will be 3,100; and just to see even the bigger picture, that will be a total of 9,300 reps between all three exercises! I also challenge you to make this something in addition to what you're already doing as far as training or workouts. So, if your normal daily workout has 50 push-ups incorporated into it, don't count those 50 towards the 100 reps; but instead do an additional 100 reps outside your workout!

Want to have something to work towards besides just getting the reps in daily? Set some type of goal with it. I know one guy who is setting a goal to improve on his push-ups and to be able to do more on his toes verses his knees by the end of the challenge. My personal goal is by the last day that I'm able to do the 100 reps of each exercise without stopping or breaking it up.

So, who is going to accept this challenge?