Monday, November 6, 2017

Continue To Challenge Yourself

Okay, first off....I had NO IDEA it had been so long since I've been on here. Where has the time gone! Work has been crazy, I've been trying to adjust to some changes in my workouts at FT, and just really haven't felt like writing and posting. I've had plenty to write, but just wasn't motivated to post anything. I truly thought it had only been a little over a month but apparently it's been like three months! But, what I'm excited to write about is something new in my fitness journey!

I’m always looking for new things to challenge myself for two reasons. One, I tend to get bored and once that happens I tend to get discouraged and start becoming less motivated. And two, the main reason, is because I need to continuously strive to grow, improve, and better myself. Here these last several months I’ve been struggling to stay consistently motivated and a lot of it is I’m bored with my workouts and the environment. It’s not that the workouts aren’t good, and I still love my FT family dearly, but I no longer feel challenged and feel like my growth has stalled. So, I decided to incorporate a new training method in hopes to be challenged and to help get me closer to my goals.

Today I went to my first Taekwondo class at Jenks Martial Arts Academy. That's me after the class. I was nervous, but I also know that’s a good sign that I’m getting outside my comfort zone. I know this journey will not only challenge me physically, but mentally as well because it will take a lot of both. I’m excited to see where this takes me on my fitness journey. I look forward to seeing what results I will get and meeting my goals.