Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daily Motivational

I know for me, becoming healthier can be more mental than anything. Once I started to work out and eat properly to be healthy, and not to just lose weight and be skinny, it seemed to be easier to truly commit to my sessions and making healthier choices in my diet. Also, once I quit worrying about what everyone else thought and told my self I am worth it, I was able to focus on doing what was best for ME and not anyone else.

Remember, it's okay to be a little selfish sometimes, YOU are worth it too! When I first started getting serious, I missed or was late, to many family dinners because the time was set in the middle of my workout session. It didn't mean I didn't want to spend time with my family, but because I've made a mental decision that canceling a workout just to go eat (probably at a place that doesn't have the healthiest choices) is not worth it. Fortunately my family has been very supportive, and now try to set family dinners around my workouts.

So, if you're getting serious, don't think of "dieting" and "exercising" as a way to just lose weight. It's more than that, think of it as becoming healthier. And make the commitment to yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!