Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Motivational - How Far Have You Come?

Because I still have a ways to go before I hit my final goal, I still have moments when I feel it's impossible. I get frustrated and discouraged when I quit seeing the results I want, and I have to remember what all I've accomplished. When I first started at Fitness Together I didn't know if I would last the first three months I committed to, but here I am two years later doing things I thought I would never be able to do.

Someone sent me a message they enjoy reading my blog and I make it seem so easy. And as easy as I may make it appear, I struggle even today. It's definitely easier today than it was two years ago, but I still have my moments (ask my trainers, they are the ones who hear the most whining during my sessions). I can tell you starting this blog has helped me stay even more motivated and I enjoy being able to share my thoughts and experiences. One thing I've learned these past couple years, is this becoming healthier journey can be an emotional roller coaster; but as long as I don't quit and remember if I continue to workout and eat right, I'll reach my final goal!