Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daily Motivational - Now Is The Perfect Time!

Many, many, many, many, many (well, you get the point) times I've said I would start a "diet", but not today because the weekend is coming so I'll start Monday. Or, a holiday or special event is coming up so I'll just start that "diet" Monday.

Well, with today being Easter, most people are spending time with their families and probably are anticipating a delicious meal. And these are times when it's natural for a person to justify to themselves that there's no point in starting a "diet" now, just wait and start on Monday. 

But, here's the thing, holidays and special occasions are throughout the year; and this holiday will be back next year as well. There's no point in waiting to start eating healthier and working out. You can start today making those healthy choices, and still enjoy the holiday meals. It doesn't mean you can't have the dessert, or in my case instead of choosing between the dinner roll and the pasta for my carbs, I'll have a small portion of both. Having a little extra of something one meal from time to time isn't the problem, it's when you overeat on a daily basis. One thing I do is I plan around the meal, making sure my other snacks and meals are healthy and light.

Don't feel the need to wait until Monday, because the only perfect time to start eating healthier and working out is right now. You're always going to have "something" coming up, and if you wait for the perfect opportunity, you'll be waiting awhile. So, enjoy your holiday meal with your family, I know I will!