Friday, March 29, 2013

Daily Motivational - Don't Quit

I know this is a little late this morning, but we are off work today and so I slept in a little. This quote is on the wall at Fitness Together in one of the workout rooms, and this is one that sticks in my mind; especially when I'm having an intense leg day! There are many times when I feel I'm not going to get through what the trainers have planned. Sometimes I think they know my capabilities and limits better than I know myself. And I do get frustrated, I start thinking I can't finish what they are expecting of me because I'm getting exhausted and just don't feel I can push anymore. But, then it never fails, the trainers are right there encouraging and reminding me I can do it. I have to mentally focus and tell myself whatever frustration, fatigue, or pain I'm feeling will go away; but quitting, no matter how much easier it would be, is not an option!