Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

This morning I was slightly disappointed, I only lost half a pound. But, I've just recently made the modifications to my cardio, so I'm hoping I've kicked started my body, because as I mentioned before I have a new goal to meet by October 1st.

I'm sure I'll get some feedback tonight when I show my food/cardio journal to my trainer. Even though I'm disappointed, I know all I can do is move forward and not get upset about. I just started to intensify my cardio the last couple days. My trainer even mentioned, because what I eat is basically on track, that if I'm not losing I probably need to look at my cardio. So, besides intensifying my cardio, I'm thinking I need to get an extra day in on the weekends. I just know I can't get frustrated and stressed, because that definitely won't help me lose weight. So, I've decided starting today cardio will be my best friend and I'll embrace it with determination, hard work, intensity, and sweat!