Saturday, February 24, 2018

Weekly Update - Week 1 of Carb Cycling

As I mentioned for part of my accountability I'll be posting my weekly updates. Weigh-ins will be weekly and then measurements every other week. This week was just a weigh-in.

So I just finished week 1 after getting back on carb cycling and I was down 2.2 pounds! We all have our big "why" of why we are working out and becoming healthier and have that big final goal in mind, but we also have those other "whys" that we will set small goals. For example you might want to lose a certain amount of weight in time for a class reunion, milestone birthday, or in my case I get to go see my all time favorite band Def Leppard July 9th! The goal I set is a realistic goal, but it'll be challenging; but that's also the point of a goal. I got below 200 pounds at one point, but the over the last couple years I've just not been consistent in my nutrition. My workouts I've been great about being consistent in those, but if you're not eating properly to fuel your body it doesn't matter how much you workout you won't get results. So I did gain some of my weight back, but nothing near what I used to be, and so my goal is to be back under 200 pounds for the concert. This means I need to lose an average of 2.8 pounds a week. Again, this is a realistic, and even healthy goal, but it will be challenging. So, I did fall about a half a pound short of what I needed to lose this week, but down is down and I'm happy with it, and it just means I'm that much closer to my goal.

Today I'm planning my meals and workouts for next week. Tomorrow I'll do my meal prep and be ready to take on week 2 of carb cycling. Next week I'm digging out one of my favorite recipes for lunches and I'll share it tomorrow. Mini Tex Mex Turkey Meatloaf! Yum! :)

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