Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's Your "Why"?

Besides for ourselves, we all have other reasons why we want to become healthier, and one of those reasons is we want to be around for our loved ones. I wanted to share a friend's post that really is inspiring. She's not only a friend, but one of my FT sisters and co-workers. She definitely has figured out her "why"!
I had a revelation at the gym this morning. After an already grueling workout, wishing I was done for the day, Taylor announced we'd do some ab work. Down on the mat for planks, side planks, spiderman planks, rainbow planks,  and plank jumps. The first rep was done and I was exhausted. I was on my knees and elbows, sweat pouring off me and dripping on to the mat, and I knew I was done. Just lie down the little voice said. You're older, heavier, less fit than the other ladies, the little voice said. Nobody will care if you stop now.
As I laid my forehead on the mat, ready to just flatten out and stop working, I noticed my necklace swinging off my chest. It's the Mother & Child charm that Justin gave me for Mother's Day this year. Suddenly I pictured him and Anthony laughing together and I choked up, remembering why I was there. My grown son isn't ready to be without a mother. My little grandson needs Nana to teach him all sorts of things. My partner Sandy would try to live on pizza for the rest of her days. And, I guess most importantly, I needed to be there, in shape, healthy, and strong, for ME. This all came in a flash.
So I propped myself back up and did the last set of plank maneuvers. They weren't pretty, and I wasn't happy about doing them, but I finished them. And I'm better for it. - Simone
We all struggle from time to time, and we even have moments like I have had recently where we just kind of feel like there's nothing else we can do. But, as long as we know our "why", we can always depend on that to keep us from giving up on ourselves. Besides being the healthiest and best version of YOU, what's your "why"?

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