Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Because My Trainer Said So!

I get asked often what I'm doing as far as fitness and nutrition to get my results, and there are times like yesterday I'm asked "Why do you let your trainer tell you what to do?" Well, let me give you my opinion from my own personal experience.

These past several months I've changed a lot up, including just a slight change in my my nutrition and I've been getting great results! Just since making the change in my nutrition, 10 weeks ago, I'm down a total of 26.4 pounds! Today I weighed in and was down another 5.5 pounds since my last weigh in which was just a little over a week ago. When I mentioned this to Michael yesterday morning after I had weighed in, and showed him the numbers on my tracking sheet, he was excited like I was; but we both also had that "Man, you're so close!" feeling because I'm just about four pounds from being back to my lowest weight I've been ever been since starting Fitness Together and my entire adult life. And I made the comment that since over the weekend I hadn't been feeling 100%, I didn't even get my reward meal, and his reply was "You didn't need a reward meal. You're not getting a reward meal until you're down another four pounds." And yes, he is direct with me and that's what I actually appreciate and respect about him, so this didn't faze me one bit. In fact I faintly said "I know." because I was actually thinking the same thing when I saw how close I was.

So, sorry I digress but that's the background to what my point is regarding #BMTSS. But after I got to work someone asked me if I've lost more weight because it looked like I had. I said yeah, in fact I just weighed in and down another 5.5 pounds in a little over a week. This of course led to the question what I was doing differently. Well, I basically told them what I just mentioned above, but I made the mistake of also including the last part about not having reward meals and ending it saying "but, my trainer said I don't get another reward meal until I've lost that four pounds." And that's when she asked, "Why do you let your trainer tell you what to do like that?"

Well, the truth is I have choices, just like everyone else does, and I choose to listen to what my trainers have to say. And I don't see it as them telling me what to do as if it's an order, but I see it as them telling me what to do that will get me the best results possible and what will help me meet my goals. So, the two main reasons I let my trainer tell me what to do is.....
  1. That's what I pay the trainer to do, to tell me what I need to do to meet my goals and get results. Why pay someone to help guide you if all you're going to do is what you want anyway? Just something to think about....
  2. I listen to what my trainer tells me what to do because I've found from my experience the VERY few times I didn't, that's when I didn't get my results and I didn't meet my goals.
So, yeah, I let my trainer tell me what to do. And because I've done what the trainer says, I can say I've lost over 150 pounds and after five plus years of being consistent with my nutrition and workouts I'm still getting results and I'm meeting new goals. I saw the above inserted "BMTSS (Because My Trainer Said So!)" meme a few months ago and had to find it for this blog post. Not only will "Because My Trainer Said So" be my reply when asked why I'm doing something that might sound crazy to others; but it's my new hash tag! You know we all love a good hash tag! :) #BMTSS

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