Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stay In It

Setting goals are great, but what are you going to do to meet that goal? Right now my main goal is to run 1/2 marathon in December, but in order to be ready and to accomplish this goal I've got to put in the work. So, what am I doing? First, I wrote my goal down in various ways for me to always have my goal in sight. It's in my journal, it's on my whiteboard at work, and I've posted it on FB in multiple groups. I've made it public. My friends, family, coworkers, everyone on FB, and more importantly my trainer and know my goal. These first two I feel are important because these are two great ways to have accountability. And making sure my trainer knows, he knows how to help me reach that goal. The next thing I did was I found a training program to follow and then I'm making sure I get my training in daily. What does that mean? It means if I have to get up at 4 AM to get the training in, or if I have to go at 6:45 PM after a long day at work when I really just want to go home, then that's what I do. What works for me is I plan a week at a time. When I'm doing my weekly meal prep/planning, I'm also looking at my schedule and figuring out when I can get my training in. If I don't do this, if I don't figure out what I need to do and make a plan to do it, then December will roll around and I'm not going to be ready to run the 1/2 marathon like I want. Yes, there are days I would rather just go home after work, there are days I would rather just shut the alarm off and go back to sleep, but I know that won't get me any closer to my goal. And what's even better, is when I actually get in there and do the work, once I'm done I feel better. I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have talked myself out of going to do my training, and when that happens, I end up feeling worse. I'm still tired and then I start regretting it and mentally and emotionally beat myself up. And I'm human, it's not that I don't ever have these feelings or thoughts, but I've learned over time what I need to do. So when this happens I have to tell myself to shut up, I get out of my head, and then I get in there, and as one of my favorite hashtags says I "DO THE DAMN WORK"! So, what are your goals? And more importantly, what are you doing to meet them?

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