Tuesday, February 14, 2017

30 Day Thigh Challenge

We all have at least one area that we would like to improve the most. Mine are my thighs. It seems when I have a set-back, like I currently had, that any weight gain I have all goes to my thighs. And nothing can remind you of your problem areas quicker than a mirror! I recently started taking a tap dancing class and last night was my second night. I’m having a lot of fun, and I do enjoy it, but like any dance studio there’s at least one wall that’s all mirror. And so as I’m going through the steps we are learning, and I’m observing myself in the mirror, I was quickly reminded that I still have some work to do to get back on track.  Luckily even when I lose that weight I gained, it does come off the thighs as well; however, I still would like to improve that area overall. So, I found this 30 day thigh challenge that I’m going to start tomorrow and wanted to encourage you to join me in on this challenge. As you can tell, it starts off with low number of reps and gradually increases throughout the 30 days. Also note the tips. The number for lateral lunges and fire hydrants is per side. Modify the exercises to suit your fitness needs, and increase reps for more of a challenge if needed. Me personally, I’m not only going to increase reps, but I’m going to do three rounds each day of the indicated exercises having a 60 second rest between rounds.

So for example, day 1 shows….
            5 lateral lunges
            10 scissors
            5 fire hydrants
            5 plie squat pulses
But, I will do……
            10 lateral lunges w/ weights
            20 scissors
            10 fire hydrants
            10 plie squat pulses w/ weights
            I will complete this 3 times and between each round I’ll take a 60 second break

By doing this, doubling the numbers, it’s going to make day 30 really challenging by doing 240 lateral lunges, 300 scissors, 150 fire hydrants, 300 plie squat pulses and doing this for three rounds!!!! J

You should be able to click on the image and enlarge it, but if you have any issues viewing it please let me know and I'll send the challenge to you in another document/format.

So.....who's in?????

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