Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Daily Insight - Weigh-in Update

Tuesday's are my weekly weigh-in day, and I always post my results for accountability. I didn't weigh at all in December, we did my new year assessment last week and so I have my results for the first week of 2017. I'm down exactly one pound. Not going to lie, hoping for more since I had gotten so far off track this past month, but a loss is a loss and a pound is a pound, so I'm happy the scale went down.

But, as far as my day, rough start but I finished strong and feeling better. I didn't sleep well and just was pouty this morning in my workout, but it's just something I need to work through and figure out. I did apologize to both Michael and Roberto because I was a big ass to both of them and really it's not their fault how I react to certain things and that I shut down. But, while I was at FT waiting to go on my run this evening, and since one of the girls was sick and the other was doing the class, Michael nudged me (didn't take to do the class instead because he was doing a boxing class. And it made me realize how much I've missed boxing since I cut back on that to focus on running.

I've been going back and forth on some goals because I really want to just focus on losing weight, inches, and body fat, but still want to run for my cardio. After tonight I think I figured out how I can do that and still get my running and boxing in for my cardio. For at least this month and next month, because I've got some extra expenses coming up that I hadn't planned for, I'm going to focus on running and interval training for my cardio. And then of course showing up to my sessions, leaving the bullshit at the door instead of being pouty and bitchy in my workouts; and be present mentally, emotionally, and physically regardless of what I walk into and bust my ass doing the work. Then come March, continue busting ass in my sessions, but then get back into the boxing gym three days a week. I figured I need to do cardio Monday - Friday, and I could do boxing three of those days and run the other two like I'm currently doing. This way, I'm getting the cardio in I need to get work towards my weight loss goals as well as losing inches and body fat, and I can run and box!

Overall my day was good and I'm really grateful for the patience of Michael and Roberto! It might have been a rough day, but at least I'm not letting it turn into a whole week or month of sulking like I did in December. Tomorrow is a new day!

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