Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Daily Insight - Are We Crazy Or Determined?

FT Run Group (L-R) Christy, myself, and Jennifer
Today was a very long day at work! We found out last Friday about 16,000 of our members cards went out late in the mail and so our phones were ringing off the hook of members wanting to know where their cards were. Most were understanding, but had a few angry ones and as the supervisor I get those calls. Usually they just want to vent to someone who has some type of management title, because once I allow them to vent and say what they have to say and then I proceed to tell them the exact same thing the rep just told them they calm down and are fine by the time the call ends. Just with that alone I had several times I needed to meditate but unfortunately didn't have that much time. So, I made sure to use my lunch break to get away from it all and then I did have a couple moments that I took a few minutes to shut my office door and just close my eyes. And it seemed besides this, we also had one thing after another come up out of my control, so I just dealt with them the best I could as the issues came up. And I also kept in mind, that as chaotic as it was for me my team was feeling it even more because they were getting all the back to back calls. They are a great team!

But, that was work and when I left work at 4:00 I left work there and went to go do some running intervals. And let me tell you, I wasn't smart at all! Totally didn't realize the temps would be 39 degrees and I had on capri workout pants so legs were cold, forgot my gloves and hat, not even my headband that covers my ears. The only thing I did bring was a sweatshirt. And then I wasn't sure if anyone else would show up, I mean it's 39 degrees! But sure enough my two faithful girls, Christy and Jennifer, walked in to join me! But they were smart, they had on long pants, gloves, hats, hoods, jackets, and bundled up. As we start walking to warm-up I'm thinking to myself, this is nuts, but we all three agreed we have goals to meet and we all three are getting back on track and knew we needed this. So we were out there a total of 30 minutes and half way through I thought, either we're crazy or we're determined. Some might say crazy, but I'm going with determined! Now before I get all the comments and lectures on being safe and the cold can be dangerous, just like I get when it's hot. We're all three pretty intelligent, and we know when to push or to back off, but all three of us knew we would be fine continuing our run intervals. It's important to push yourself, but also listen to your body and know when to stop or let up. Today we were all cold, but that was it, and I know the three of us would not have continued if we thought it was dangerous. So, we ended up having a great run! See our picture above? We are smiling! :)

After the run, since I hadn't bought my new workout and food journal for the new quarter, I decided to stop at Walgreens to look for a journal. Typically I just find a journal type book with blank lined pages, usually like a composition book, and each day I write down my meals, workouts, and my core4. Well, I came across this journal and on the front it said "Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart" and I assumed it just had blank lined pages. And I thought, this is perfect, a great quote on the front as a daily reminder for me to be grateful for my life and what I have. But, then I opened it and I got soooooo excited! It's like the perfect journal for me. I had no idea how much it cost because it was in a random spot on the shelf, the only one there like it, and I couldn't find the tag to match it; but it was so perfect I didn't even care how much it cost. I thought to myself, why am I trying to locate the price when I've already decided I'm buying it regardless of what the price is. So I walked up to register, excited for my new journal, and happily paid whatever price rung up. Why is this journal perfect for me and why am I so excited? It has everything I need! I hope you can tell by the pics below what the pages entail and how this was so perfect having everything laid out that I need to keep track of daily.

The center picture (left side of page) has a spot for me to write the three things I'm grateful for today. Then a spot for me to write my goal to live fit for today. And then one thing I appreciate about my strong body. And then I get to rate my day on my workouts, nutrition, and my mood! This part here is a great way to hold accountability for myself. Then it has a fit tip!

The right picture (right side of page) has a motivational quote each day and then blank spaces for me to log my meals and workouts!!!!!

Told you! Perfect journal! I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy because I'm getting so excited about a journal, but for me this has been what has kept me on track while at FT. I have workout and food journals going back about four years and this one has even more tools to help me stay on track and motivated!

Now to end with the three things from my day that were good and that I'm grateful for!

  1. Michael, the owner at FT and one of my trainers. These past couple days he's really helped me get refocused, back on track, and helped me feel better about some things that I've been questioning and even some anxiety about some changes. I'm grateful he's my mentor and for his friendship.
  2. My team at work. They work hard and they do a great job. I know I don't express my appreciation as much as I should, but they all go above and beyond to do the best job possible.
  3. Being able to lead the FT Run Group. It might just be a few of us right now, but I'm grateful Michael allows me to schedule these runs and lead them for myself and for our clients. It helps me stay accountable and it allows me to help others as well.

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