Friday, January 6, 2017

Daily Insight - Don't Give Up

Michael is big on asking "What's your why?". Why are you doing this? Why did you start working out? Why did you start eating healthy? What is your why?

For me, almost 6 years ago, my why was I was 350 pounds and I wanted to lose weight so I could be healthier. I had been really lucky and was never diagnosed with any heart disease, no diabetes, no blood pressure or cholesterol issues. But I knew if I didn't do something about it I was heading down the road to many diseases. So that was my original why. Over the years I've set new goals along the way and there's always a reason why I set those goals. Even though my original "why" for the overall big picture is the same, from time to time I have other reasons for setting and wanting to meet goals.

Here recently I struggled with being motivated, staying on track, and even thought of leaving FT and start somewhere else. I even had questioned myself on if this was even worth it anymore. I mean I'm never going to get to my goal weight or be where I want to be, so why continue to pay the money and put forth the emotional and mental effort in something that will never be. But, because Michael is more than a trainer, but one of my mentors, I always reflect on what I'm thinking and feeling. I meditate, journal, and work through those emotions. Many times I work through those asking myself, if you told this to Michael what would he say? What advice would he give you? And usually that's enough to help me realize I'm just being a dumb ass and letting my emotions control me. Sometimes I end up needing to meet with him and he's always there to keep it real with me. And that's what I did this time and I realized some things. For starters, if I left FT I wouldn't be happy anywhere else. And also, if I stop going or give up because I'm telling myself that I'll never get to where I want to be, then I'm self-sabotaging myself and then of course I never will. But, also giving up isn't going to get me anywhere either.

As I went through this process I did a lot of asking myself, "What's my why?" And that's the reason that I'm back on track, I'm feeling awesome, I've been motivated, and why I never gave up. So that's what I encourage you to do as well. When you start to struggle, when  you want to give up, when you feel like it's not worth it, ask yourself "What's my why?" And this could be to be healthier, this could be you want to be able to play with your kids without feeling like you're an old fart running out of breath, or it could be you now have grandchildren and you want to live longer to see them grow up. Whatever your why is, always keep that close and never stop asking yourself that question.

As far as my day, it was busy and I'm glad the week's over. I had a stressful end to my day at work, but it was all better after I got to the studio for my session and got to hang out with B for a little bit before I trained and he had to leave. He's the owner's 6 year old son and we've been hanging out since he was 9 months old so it's something we like to do and don't get to do that often anymore. And he likes to train me and so he put me through a little workout and he's going to make a great trainer one day! He's learning from the best in his daddy. I really don't have much to my day today because it was so busy at work and I just got home and started on this blog post. But, it was a great day overall and I ended it with a great mobility workout.

DAILY QUOTE: "When you feel like giving up, remember why you started." - Anonymous

FIT TIP - ELEVATE THE BURN: skip the elevator. Take the stairs to burn an extra 16,425 calories per year! Little choices add up.


  1. My friends and family. I can't imagine people who truly are alone and how they get through life without anyone. I can't imagine life without my friends and family. Love you all!
  2. I don't have to worry about staying warm. It's currently 19 degrees here in Tulsa where I'm at and I'm grateful I have a home to go to. But, not just a home, but a warm home. I'm grateful I have a car so I don't have to walk in the cold or wait in the cold for a bus or a ride. I'm grateful that I have a coat, gloves, hat, scarf to keep me warm when I'm outside running to my car or to get inside the place I need to be.

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