Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Daily Insight - Back To The Basics

Tonight I went back to the basics, doing the simple. This is what I did in the beginning of my health and fitness journey and when I was getting my best results. Besides my workouts with my trainers, I would go in either before work or after work and do just basic cardio on the treadmill for anywhere between one to two hours, depending on how much time I had. I would do some intervals in the beginning, but then finished off with just some steady walking.

After I got off work I had some time and so I went to the Jenks studio and I got on the treadmill and did a total of 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes I did a running interval program Michael posted for us, and then the last 60 minutes I just walked. I put Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, watched two episodes, and that 90 minutes went by pretty fast. In that total time I went 5.06 miles and burned 695 calories.

Even though it's only been three days since I got my shit back together, been on track with my meals and getting my cardio in, I can already tell a big difference in how I feel. I don't feel blah, I actually am excited and look forward to my sessions, and I feel motivated and inspired again. Last week when I was reflecting on everything and what I needed to do, I had decided I needed to get back to the basics and do the simple. So regardless if you're just starting your journey, or if you're like me and getting back on track and refocused, just get to the basics. I found myself really overthinking so much that I actually was making it harder than it should be, and I wasn't enjoying it anymore.

Now to my day!  Overall it was great! Had a rough start at work getting two supervisor calls within the first hour because they were mad, but I handled them as usual. But, then today Michael and I made up a session from last week so I was able to get out of the office and workout at lunch. Today was upper body so now my arms and shoulders are as sore as my legs, which that workout from yesterday is really starting to set in. We've got several things at work that don't seem to be going right, but we are getting through it. I was supposed to have choir practice tonight, and planned on going after I did cardio tonight, but when I was leaving FT I noticed I had a headlight out and I knew I needed to get it fixed. I started to get frustrated, but then thought why get upset about it? I figured if I went to choir practice I wouldn't even get home until about 9:00 PM and I wouldn't be able to take it somewhere until after work tomorrow. So I decided I better just take care of it tonight. I knew it was too late to find a place tonight that would be open who could change the bulb out for me, so I just went to the store and bought the bulb I needed for my car and my brother changed it out for me. So, even though my day didn't go as planned and had a few hiccups, I'm at home feeling great about my life. I've been so blessed with an amazing family and friends, and at the end of the day no angry member or burned out headlight can take any of that away from me!

I posted on my personal FB page that in my new journal I wrote about yesterday there is an inspirational quote and a fit tip for each day, and that I'm going to start sharing those in my daily insight blog post along with the things I'm grateful for that day as a closing to my posts. Hope the quotes inspire you all as much as they do me and the fit tips help you in your own health and fitness journey.

DAILY QUOTE: "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." - Zig Ziglar

FIT TIP - AFTER BURN, BABY: High intensity resistance training burns 18% more calories 24 hours post-workout than traditional strength training. Add cardio between sets to boost the burn!


  1. My boss and how she supports me. She isn't just a supportive boss at work and helps me grow in my job, but she supports me in my health and fitness journey. She encourages me to use my lunch for my workouts. She allows me to be flexible on my lunch, if I need to leave a little early or come in a little late, to accommodate a workout as long as I'm getting my time in and getting my work done.
  2. The various support groups I have to share my journey with. I don't just have my trainers and FT family, but I'm lucky enough that I also have my WFC family, friends, family, co-workers, my FB friends/followers, and all the people like you who read my blog. All these people, all these outlets, have people who truly care about me and they encourage me in my journey.
  3. My brother. He's four years older than me, and we've had our differences, we fight and argue, growing up I was the typical spoiled bratty sister, but we both would do anything for each other.

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