Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

By the time December rolls around I think the majority of us are all in that mindset, "I'll be glad when this year is over." We start to think of all the things we want to either start doing, do better, or change come January 1st because we see this as a fresh start at a new year.

But, the downfall to that in my own personal opinion, is that allows us to start reflecting on everything that we view as negative or things that aren't good in our lives. Which, isn't a bad thing, because we should reflect on these things some so we do know what we need to change or work on. But the problem that I think a lot of us tend to fall into, and it's what I recently have done, is we stay in that mindset and focus only on what all went wrong this past year and then we just start looking forward to the end of what we are now thinking is a shitty year instead of remembering all the good things that happened and the great accomplishments we have done.

I'll use my own personal example. This past month I really have struggled to stay positive, motivated, and even contemplated leaving Fitness Together where I've been for almost the last 6 years. I had myself convinced that I needed a fresh start, not necessarily in my actual workouts or my nutrition, but in my environment and even working on certain relationships that are very important to me. I thought maybe this would help, but this would be a drastic change and just not sure if I'm ready for that or if it's the right thing. I know there needs to be some changes, and I know leaving FT isn't really the answer, but I just wasn't sure exactly what I needed to do. But, instead of talking to the people I needed to, I just chose not to deal with it which made it worse so then I started the last week of December in that mindset, and just because the past month I've gotten off track, gained some of my weight back, that I just can't wait for this year to end. Fortunately I have a great mentor/friend/trainer in Michael at FT, and he seems to know when he needs to reach out and tells me what I need to hear, so last week we had a quick chat about discussing some changes. We discussed briefly about what those changes will entail, but will discuss more in detail later on. But it was enough for me to know that even though the changes will be outside my comfort zone mentally and emotionally, it will allow me to grow as a person, help me utilize other sources/people to improve in my health and fitness journey, as well as help those important relationships grow and be better. After our chat I immediately felt better, but after a couple days of meditation and journaling I started to realize these changes will be good for me and I actually am looking forward to them.

I realize this last month I've allowed myself to get inside my head, I've allowed my emotions to control me to where I wasn't happy, and even was telling myself this year just needs to end so I can start the new year off strong and get that fresh start I need. So, these past couple days I started to reflect on my year, forgetting about what I feel has been bad, and just looking at what I've done and accomplished. And that's when I realized, not only did I accomplish several small goals, but two major goals in one year! I worked hard for two major goals and I accomplished both of them, including exceeding in my running goal! In the inserted picture you'll see I'm wearing a medal and then I'm in the ring with another girl. I started training in May at a boxing gym to participate in a spar, as well as started training to improve in my running to run in 5K races as well as a 10K race. In regards to my spar, I trained hard for that and I ended up accomplishing that goal. I got in the boxing ring and went three 1-minute rounds with another girl for my first official spar. I had so many emotions, as I was anxious, scared, excited, nervous, but once I was done I was proud of myself. But, my running, that's where I really exceeded in my goal. I had set out to be able to run a 5K without walking. I accomplished that goal the first race in July. I did a couple more 5K races and then ran a 10K race. But, what I didn't think I would do is I decided to start training for a half marathon. And not only did I get through the training, but I completed a half marathon race! I mean, I really never thought I would ever be able to do that, but here I am ending the 2016 year off by saying I've had my first sparring event and I completed a half marathon, as well as several other things that I haven't given myself credit for doing.

So, as I'm getting that fresh start for 2017 I'm looking forward to the changes that will help me be a better person and grow. Not just in my health and fitness journey, but mentally and emotionally, as well as my relationships with others and even myself. Just remember, it's okay to look at the things you don't like; but don't lose yourself in focusing on only the things you want to change or improve on, and remember the things you don't want to change and all the great accomplishments and progress you have made. The one thing I'm going to work on this year is just celebrating my victories, no matter how small or big they might seem, I'm going to celebrate them and give myself credit for my accomplishments.

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