Saturday, May 24, 2014

Weigh-in Update - It's A Lifestyle Change

After two long and stressful weeks, this past week I was happy to be back to my normal workout routine, along with feeling better. I came across this picture from about 5 years ago, and thought, "WOW!!!! I've changed so much!" I see that picture and just really want to kick myself in the ass for ever allowing myself to become so overweight and unhealthy; but, I know I can't change the past, I can only continue to move forward and make sure I NEVER go back there again! A few things have inspired this blog post, besides it's weigh-in day, I also hit a new PR on my deadlift. But, more importantly I also want to address a comment that was made by a coworker earlier this week.

First, I'll report what everyone is curious about the most, and that's how I did on the scale this week. As reported last week, over the prior two weeks I had gained 5.2 pounds, and this week I managed to lose not only all that I gained but a little more! This week I lost 6 pounds, making my grand total weight loss of 139.6 pounds! And then on top of that, I hit a new PR on my deadlift this morning. I increased my PR by 10 pounds and deadlifted 275 pounds! Now I can't wait to participate in my first deadlifting competition June 14th. This competition is a to help raise money for a little 8-year old boy fighting cancer by the name of Sean Lynn. I'm actually going to be teaming up with my FT sister Charla and we are going to go in there and kill it! It'll be fun and it's for a great cause! :)

Now, the part where I give my opinion regarding a coworker's comment from earlier this week, and also what inspired this portion of the blog. I was in the break room getting my coffee when she walked in and this is how our conversation went:

  • HER: Sherrie, you look great! Are you still working out?
  • ME: Yep, six days a week, usually 2 to 3 times a day.
  • HER: Are you still with Fitness Together?
  • ME: Yep, but I train mostly at the downtown location, which is also why I'm able to workout at lunch.
  • HER: (and this is the comment) Well, it looks like you're getting really close to where you won't have to workout anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I know she meant it as a compliment, but the thing is there are too many people who have this mentality about dieting and working out. I want anyone who thinks this way to really understand that eating healthy and working out isn't something that's temporary, but it's a permanent lifestyle change. Unless of course you want temporary results, but I don't. The problem with people being in this kind of mindset, is once they meet their health and fitness goal, they typically go back to their old habits and will eventually be back where they started. I don't EVER intend on being 350 pounds again! And the only way I can make sure that NEVER happens again, is to recognize this is my lifestyle and once I hit my goal weight, that the only way to continue to be healthy and strong is to continue to eat healthy and work out. So, when you set your own health and fitness goals, make sure you face them telling yourself it's not a phase, it's not temporary, but it's a permanent lifestyle change. Having this mindset, you're sure to be successful!

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