Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weigh-in Update - Be Persistent

Just a quick weigh-in update, since I missed it last week. I didn't realize I didn't post it until I went to post this weeks. If you've read the last several updates, I've been struggling and going up and down, and last week was one of the ups. I gained a little over three pounds last week. But, this week, after some changes and getting back to some basic cardio I lost 7.4 pounds this week. When I say I've gotten back to basic cardio, it's because my cardio became more HIIT or AMRAP styles of workouts. But, this week I was able to get in four evenings of just basic cardio, where I get in there and do two hours of less intense work on the treadmill or elliptical.
Over the past few weeks, I've also had a few other clients reach out to me who have their own struggles. I am always willing to make time to talk with someone, or even meet up with them, to help through whatever struggles they are having and help them anyway I can. I would rather them reach out to me, than give up. And what I want those individuals, and anyone reading this to realize, is that we will have moments of plateaus, frustrations, weaknesses, cravings, and many other things that go along with our health and fitness journey; but, the important thing is that we don't ever give up. It's typical in the beginning to see quick and great results, but we start to get discouraged when it slows down or we feel like it's getting to be too difficult. But, regardless of how much we struggle or how slow we might think we are going, we can't quit because that will definitely not get the results we are wanting and needing. As I mentioned in a recent post, remember what Michael says to me when I struggle, "Stay strong. Do the work."