Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weigh-in Update

Last week was kind of crazy at work, and this week doesn't appear it's going to be any better, so I wanted to get this posted before I lost track of time and forgot. The week prior Michael had made some changes to my meals, I went back to the basics on my cardio, and lost 7.4 pounds the week before, but this week I ended up gaining 2.8 of that back. I'm still down almost 5 pounds in the last two weeks, so my first initial reactions is to not stress about it. But, still can't help but wonder why, because I followed the exact same meal plan and the only thing I did different was I missed one lunch workout, but I made that up that same evening. So, this week he has me keeping the meals the same, and then he'll make some modifications in my workouts. For me personally, the most frustrating part of my health and fitness journey is when I do everything exactly like I should, but then I don't get the results I think I should or like in this case I gained instead of losing. And this past week it was even more frustrating because I avoided all the extra temptations at work that were for our customer service week. I said no to the bagels/cream cheese, pastries, cake, junk food on snack day, and even gave my goody bags to someone else to eat, and still gained. I mean, if I had gotten off track on my meals or missed several workouts without making them up, I could understand not getting the results I anticipated. I intended to post my update Sunday when I weighed in, but hadn't slept well for a couple days, so when I got home from church I ended up taking a 5 hour nap. And, even though I'm staying really focused this week, I'm not going to worry about my next weigh-in.

I started working on a post yesterday, and hope to get it finished within the next couple days to post. Because I wasn't having the best day yesterday, and I was really cranky, I might need to go back and reword some things so it doesn't come off so harsh. This is my own personal blog, and my initial intent was to be able to share my thoughts and feelings on subjects that I experience in my journey. But because this blog, not only helps myself, but is something that others use for their own motivation it's important for me to present all these things in a way that is realistic yet still inspiring or motivating. I do feel it's important for people to know the true struggles a person will face on such an emotional roller coaster journey, but I do believe how it's presented is just as important. Have a wonderful week and look for the new post within the next couple days!

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