Thursday, August 20, 2015

Create Space

Creating space for yourself is really important. I get busy with things in life and sometimes I allow it to consume me mentally and emotionally if I'm not careful. I've been doing really well the past month at creating space for myself daily; but I've been busy at work with open enrollment coming up and the past few days I haven't been taking time for myself. I've not been creating the space I need to just be alone, nor have I been doing my cardio after work. Today a good friend noticed something wasn't right and after talking about the most recent incident that upset me, we went for a walk to a coffee shop and then sat and just talked for a bit. It helped me just being able to talk, but more importantly got me refocused and remembered Michael saying sometimes we have to slow down to speed up. Maybe I haven't been going to do cardio at night, that's okay. So, after a good cup of coffee with a good friend, I was content with taking a break and slowing down this week. I might need some extra meditation time, or even some extra me time, but my balance and being will be better. Now, I'm off to create some space and color! :)