Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Daily Thoughts - Enjoy The Simple Things

I know me personally I used to get so wrapped up in what needed and had to be done for the day that I failed to take the time to just enjoy the simple things. Since starting Empire I've learned to keep better balance in my core4 and have learned the importance of daily meditation and creating space for myself. Some things I've been doing is running, reading more, working on this blog, just listening to my music, reading my Bible, etc. But, last night I actually discovered something else that I used to enjoy as a kid and it's something so simple!

There are some evenings Michael has his two kids at the studio and we always have fun hanging out playing, watching Netflix, drawing, hide and seek, duck duck goose, or whatever makes them happy. Not going to lie, I think they mainly like me because I'll do anything they want regardless how silly I look as long as they are having fun and then I bring snacks! :) Last night B was enthralled in the Power Rangers movie so Mars and I sat down and started coloring. You know a simple thing of just coloring was really therapeutic for me. As a kid I always loved to color and for that moment I was just enjoying being able to hang out with these two precious kids and being present in what they want to do. And what they want to do are the most simple things in life, I mean our biggest concern is which Ninja Turtle am I going to be today. I thought to myself, I love doing this and I should do it more often as part of my "me time" and how I create space for myself.

Now, I will admit, I'm not the best artist as far as actually drawing pictures (ask the kids, my Mini Mouse and Ninja Turtles are funny; but I always enjoyed taking a picture and turning it into something pretty and colorful. It just made me realize that sometimes enjoying the simplest things in life, even things from our childhood like coloring, can be a great way to create space for ourselves and even as I mentioned before be very therapeutic. I mean, regardless of how my bad my day went, how can I not smile as I'm coloring a dancing cow in a tutu? I'm going to go buy my own set of crayons and coloring books! Take time to enjoy the simple things in life!

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