Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why I've Been So Successful

There are many reasons I've been successful in my health and fitness journey, but I have to say the being disciplined has to be the number one reason. Discipline means I get into the gym even when I don't feel like it. Discipline means saying no to an extra serving of food. Discipline means I make time to plan and prep my meals for the week every week so I'm able to stay on track with my nutrition. Discipline means not letting others influence my decisions and to do what's best for me.

Being disciplined doesn't mean I can't eat my favorite foods. I just had my reward meal last night with some friends and enjoyed a tasty dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Being disciplined doesn't mean I do things perfectly, in fact I have moments I struggle with motivation and I have to get back on track. Being disciplined doesn't mean everything comes easy, in fact this journey is a roller coaster ride physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

But, for me personally, the self-discipline is what's helped me be so successful because without the discipline I would be more apt to give into all the temptations or give up with things got hard. So, just remember it's not a matter of doing things perfect, and it's not a matter of never being able to enjoy your favorite foods, but it's a matter of having the self-discipline to stay focused on your goals, make the best decisions for you to meet your goals, and also when you feel like you've gotten off track that instead of just giving up you reset and keep moving forward.

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