Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weigh-in Update - Trust The Process

"Trust the process!" That's the advice Michael gives me whenever I'm express any type of concern when it's time to change something up in my health and fitness plan. I trust him 100%, but still have times he has to reassure me everything will be fine. And, once again by taking his advice and trusting in the process, he proved the process works!

I've been doing the carb cycling meal plan since last November, and I LOVE it! I've had successful weeks, but just like anything, your body adapts and we would modify the meal plan slightly to change it up some so I could continue to get results. But, when he decided it was time to "boost" my body again and do a whole week of high carb days, that made me slightly nervous. That's when he reminded me I have to "trust the process".

So, a couple weeks ago he had me do a whole week of all high carb days. Then, this past week I went back to the normal carb cycling where I only had three high carb days. And what exactly did that end up doing for me? Well, not only did I get a few compliments this week that I was looking skinnier, but I actually lost 4.3 pounds in one week! So, with that, I now have a goal to lose 2 pounds this next week. With next week being the last week of the Mexico Meltdown challenge, continuing my carb cycling meal plan, and continuing to trust the process, I have no doubt I'll exceed that goal! All I can say is all next week it will be nothing but BEAST MODE for me!