Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weigh-in Update - Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes I have to stop a moment, step back, and look at what all I've accomplished in the last three years and just exactly how far I've come; and today I had to do just that. As reported last week I was down a little over four pounds, and because I'm doing the 24-day Advocare challenge, I did a weigh-in on Thursday so I would know where I was at when starting the max phase of the challenge. I was quite disappointed, but did my best not to stress or get upset. I knew from what others have said that the bloating feeling I was having was normal and the results come in the max phase. I was up a little over six pounds when I weighed on Thursday, which I can already tell you a lot of that is water retention which is probably from all the fiber and fruit I was taking in during the cleansing phase. So, when I weighed in today, which is my normal weigh-in day and only two days since starting the max phase, I had some mixed feelings. Although I'm still up from last Saturday, I was happy to see I was down 2.8 pounds from my weigh-in on Thursday. This made me hopeful the max phase has kicked in. I really had to take a moment and just really think about this because I was upset and starting to get discouraged thinking I'm not ever going to meet my next goal. I also kept thinking what is the point of even moving forward with the challenge if it's not even going to benefit me or my goal. But, after taking a moment to just think on things, I know I've come so far in the past three years and I need to be very proud of that, which I am. But more importantly, I know as long as I have Michael and my Fitness Together family, I have no doubt I'll be able to not only meet my next goal I've set but I'll be able to go even further! And focusing on the positive of the week, I hit two new PRs and killed a burpee challenge! The burpee challenge was to complete as many burpees in seven minutes and I was able to get 61 burpees in, that's A LOT of burpees for someone who hates them so much...LOL! And then I hit new PRs on bench press and back squats. I increased my bench press by 10 pounds and was able to bench 155 pounds, and then increased my back squat by 30 pounds and was able to squat 215 pounds! So, even if I'm struggling on the scale now, I have to look at the non-scale successes I've had this week and also just remember how far I've come and that I WILL meet all my goals! I just have to keep having faith in myself and keep moving forward!

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