Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sometimes We Just Need A "Fresh Start"

If you've read the last few posts you'll know I've been struggling a bit the past several weeks on the scale. I've been doing my best to stay positive because even though I've been going up and down with the same six pounds, I've improved in other areas such as hitting several new PRs, clothes fitting better, and even people noticing I'm "getting smaller". And even though I know better than anyone we can't only focus on the scale, after a month of going up and down on the scale, making my total weight loss only a half a pound for the month of June, I couldn't help be extremely frustrated and had a minor breakdown. This was mainly because I knew I was going into my sessions and working hard and I was following my meal plan like I should, so I just didn't know what else we could do. One good thing about having such an awesome support system with your trainers and the other clients at Fitness Together, is they understand and get you through these moments.
I ended up meeting with Michael, went over my food journal for the month of June and we talked it out. One of the things he mentioned in his message, and after talking with him it really made sense, is we may need to go back to square one. Just going by past experience, he suggested I do all high carb days next week to re-boost my body. He mentioned it seems I need to do this about every four weeks, and the last time I had done this was right before the Advocare challenge. We are also looking at doing my cardio different and he's going to write me some stuff to do in the evenings that I can do from home. This will not only change up what I'm doing, but will probably be good for me to cut back on the evening sessions I've been doing and just do some light to moderate cardio. It will also allow me to hopefully get more and better rest, which has proven to play a factor in weight loss success.
After we talked I felt a lot better about moving forward, mainly because I know no matter happened the past few weeks, as long as I continue to do what I'm supposed to do and work hard I'll start getting results again and will eventually hit all my goals. Again, as Michael has told me, "It's not a matter of IF you meet your goals, but WHEN  you meet your goals!". After we talked Michael wrote me a note stating he thinks we need a "fresh start", and I think he's right. I've got my meals planned for next week, will get them prepped tomorrow, and just make sure I give 100% and plus some in all my sessions. And then of course no better way to get a "fresh start" than with new "bitch mittens", aka gloves so my hands wont hurt and to avoid calluses! Ha! Not everyone might get the "bitch mittens" reference, but if you do then I know you're laughing right now because it cracked me up when I saw the note! :) So, regardless if you are six months, a year, three years like myself, or even longer into your health and fitness journey, when you feel stuck and are getting frustrated, don't give up! Just take a step back because you just might need a "fresh start"!