Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just Keeping It Real

I had started working on a blog post, and it was starting to become quite lengthy, when someone posted an inspiring testimony about how they remembered why they were there pushing through the sweat and pain. And then it hit me, why am wasting my time putting so much focus on the situations that are not motivating when there are so many people I’m around who have such inspiring stories. Now, that doesn’t mean what I was writing wasn’t important or didn’t need to be written as a “keeping it real” topic, but after thinking about it, those need to be just kept to the point. It’s those people and moments that are inspiring people that I need to focus on and not worry about how long my posts is. So, with that said, below I took what was becoming a novel of a post (yeah, believe it or not, this is the shortened version…lol) and wrote a somewhat brief summary of some points that might just be the “oh, crap, she’s talking about me” motivation to get back in there and get back on track. Also, know I’m really not trying to call anyone particular out, these are just situations I’ve witnessed or read posts about recently that make me just shake my head.

- We all have moments where we go hard in our workouts and tracking our meals. But, then we also can get burned out. What I’ve seen recently is where people are getting burned out, but instead of just cutting back or getting refocused, they stopped showing up and just started eating and drinking whatever they wanted. I mean, I have been going hard by working out three, sometimes four, times a day. Well, that’s okay, but I was getting burned out, but I didn’t just stop showing up completely. I basically cut out my evening sessions so I’m only working out twice a day, once in the morning and then at lunch. And if I have time I might do some light cardio in the evenings, but nothing intense. This has allowed me to get home earlier and I’m in bed at a decent hour allowing me to get more sleep and rest.

- Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are your “friends” and family supportive of your health and fitness lifestyle; or do you feel the pressure that you are “doing too much” or “you’re losing too much weight” or “oh, go ahead and just eat/drink this”? Sometimes the most important people in our lives, and those who even love us the most, can be the most discouraging people. I don’t think, at least I hope anyway, that they truly don’t mean anything malicious by it; but, it can still be bad if you allow their negativity to bring you down and pull you away from what you need to do to meet your goals. Remember, you’re doing this for YOU and no one else. And anytime you go through a drastic lifestyle change like this, you have to surround yourself with people who will support and lift you up and not people who continually bring you down or focus on the negative.

- We all have moments where we quit getting results. Heck, I’m going through that right now. But, the question is, what are YOU doing about it? Are you getting to your workouts (on time as well) and giving your all. Are you following the trainer’s advice on your meal plan? Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing outside the fitness center when big brother isn’t watching? Are you being honest with your trainer on what you eat? If you are, then it’s completely understandable why you’re getting frustrated. I’m at that point where I follow everything exactly as Michael has told me, but still struggling on the scale. But, even when I end up on the floor in the shower crying because I’m doing everything he says but still struggling, I NEVER stop showing up and NEVER give up. I show up to all my sessions and bust ass and then whatever modifications he makes on my meals I stick with it and see what happens. Now, if you’re NOT doing your part to make sure you get results, then who do you really have to blame? There’s nothing more frustrating than for someone to continually ask for your advice, and then not follow that advice and not show up for sessions, and then constantly complain about not getting results. Michael once told me, “Be strong and do the work.”

- Is it a lifestyle or a phase you’re going through? That’s the other thing, you have to remember in order to become and stay healthy this has to be a lifestyle. It’ can’t be a phase, or something that’s temporary, or even something that can be done when it’s convenient for you. You have to make time for your workouts, you have to plan your meals for success, and more importantly (especially if you have a trainer) you must be willing to trust the process and trust your trainer. Yes, you pay for your time, and I guess if you choose to not take advantage of the time and knowledge you can get from the trainer, I guess that’s your problem. But, if you take having a personal trainer for granted by not showing up for your session, always being  late, or not following their advice (especially when you ask them for it), in my opinion that’s disrespectful to them and wasting their time because they could be training someone who really wants to be there and is committed to the process.

Now, don’t get me wrong, no one is perfect and it is a learning process. But, when a person just totally stops trying because it becomes hard or becomes discouraging, there’s really nothing anyone can do for them. Because just like anything else, this has to be something they want and are committed to. People can encourage, support, and be there for you when you have those moments when you feel like giving up; but no one else can do it for you. One of my favorite Michael Watkins quote from my consultation day, “We’ll spoon feed you everything. We’ll give you everything you need to be successful, but it’s up to you to do it.”

So, ask yourself, are you really committed to your health/fitness program and lifestyle; or is it something that is only important when it’s convenient for you? If you’re committed, remember you’re going to have struggles and you will have moments you feel like you’re not able to do anything else, but as long as you don’t stop and don’t give up you’ll be just fine. But, if you’re not totally committed, then you might want to take a step back and just think on this. YOU and your life are important, and you shouldn’t make yourself a convenience, but make a commitment to yourself to be the best and healthiest version of YOU!

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