Sunday, July 19, 2015

Daily Thoughts - It's All On You

One of the differences between Fitness Together and your typical gym is that Michael, the trainers, and other clients actually care if you show up or not. If you're not going to show up to the sessions and do what you committed to YOURSELF to do, then why are you wasting your time, your money, and the trainers time? When you don't show up, it's noticed.

When attendance is low in the group sessions at FT, especially if it's consistent, Michael will post in our client page asking where everyone is. And he doesn't do it to be mean or embarrass them, but because he does truly care about his clients showing up and getting results. And typically those who have been out will comment with why they've been out and when they'll be back. But, something I've noticed is some of them will apologize for not showing up. Last week I had another client actually apologizing to me for something, and I thought, why are they apologizing to me?

This got me thinking about all the situations I've seen where people are apologizing to me, Michael, other trainers, or other people for not showing up or not doing what they said they would do. I mean, if you say you're going to show up to a workout and you don't, or you say you're going to follow your meal plan and end up eating a bunch of crap instead, why are you apologizing to us? You're not letting anyone else down except yourself. The things I say I'm going to do are commitments I've made to myself, not anyone else. So, next time you are considering going off your meal plan, or you want to skip a workout for whatever your reasons are, or you don't do what you've committed to yourself to do; just remember, IT'S YOUR BODY! YOUR GOALS! YOUR EFFORT! No one can do it for you! It's all on you and the only person you are letting down is yourself.

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