Friday, July 24, 2015

Daily Thoughts - What Is A Mentor?

I'm starting to put myself out there more to be able to help others with their own health and fitness journey, and even updated some of my profile information on the various social medias where people can follow me, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I use all of these sources to post my blog updates, motivational quotes, and just my thoughts regarding my journey in hopes I'm inspiring others and making a difference. One of the things I updated was the description of what my goal is and that's "Becoming healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually", because it's important to be healthy in all of these areas. The past couple months I've been helping others who have reached out to me, but want to be able to do more, but unless I put myself out there I'm just sitting and waiting for it to happen. And how is that going to help anyone?

Over the past couple days I've thought about what it means to be a mentor, and for me it's not just about inspiring, encouraging, being their friend, and helping someone; but being honest with them even when sometimes the truth might not be what they want to hear but what they need to hear. When it comes to being a Health & Fitness Mentor I couldn't have asked for a better one than I have and that's Michael Watkins. He has given me the tools and guidance to help me in all four of the areas I listed above and I can always count on him to be honest with me, even when it pisses me off. And as I thought about, not just who I'm currently helping, but about being the type of Health & Fitness Mentor to others as Michael has been to me, I started to actually get anxious and scared. I mean, can I be the person who makes a difference for someone else as he has done for me? What if I screw up or what if I don't have all the answers they need to be successful? And it was something I really had to think about today, so during my meditation today that's what I did. And what I realized is, I have the best mentor in Michael anyone could ask for and he is nowhere near perfect! So why am I doubting my ability to be the best mentor to someone else? Why am I afraid to fail? Because when it comes down to it, being the best mentor isn't about having all the answers, but willing to share what you do know. As long as I continue to do that, then I will be able to be the Health & Fitness Mentor that makes a difference and inspires others to be the healthiest they can be as well!

Regardless if I work with you directly, or you follow me through one of my social media sources, I hope I'm making a difference in your own personal health and fitness journey!