Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Challenge/Weigh-in Update

This past week has been somewhat crazy and hectic for me personally, so I apologize for not getting a challenge posted up for last week and I never did post my weigh-in update. So, now that I feel like I'm back on track, I'm making one post to include this week's challenge along with how my weigh-in went last Thursday.

Lets start with my weigh-in update. Like I've mentioned before, I've set a big goal for my 90 days and so I've been pushing hard. This past week I lost 2.8 pounds, which is a little short from what I wanted to lose for the week; but I'm not discouraged about it. I've still lost 11.8 pounds since the beginning of the year, and it just means this week I need to make sure to push hard and embrace the changes we are making. I'm incorporating two private sessions into my week with another trainer and he's changing some things up, including my nutrition. Just like anything, when your body gets used to something the changes can help jumpstart your results because you're doing something that basically shocks your body. I'm excited to see, not only what I do this week, but to meet my 90 day goal.

Now, the challenge for this week! We are going to keep it with the plank challenge. Each day we will do the same plank exercises, but each day we will increase the time. Complete the following exercises, with the time indicated each day, take a 60 second break and then repeat to complete two rounds.
  • Plank Jacks
  • Side Plank Hip Raises - Right Side
  • Side Plank Hip Raises - Left Side
  • Regular Plank
Monday - 1 min of each exercise
Tuesday - 1 min 20 sec of each exercise
Wednesday - 1 min 40 sec of each exercise
Thursday - 2 min of each exercise
Friday - 2 min 20 sec of each exercise
Saturday - 2 min 40 sec of each exercise
Sunday - 3 min of each exercise