Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weigh-in Update

I was down once again this week. I lost .8 pounds. I won't lie, I was hoping for more, but when I saw the number I was actually satisfied. I'm down almost another pound in one week! I wasn't disappointed because of three main reasons. One, I knew I busted my ass and I'm proud of what I've done and the results I got. Two, I've been down every week since January 1st, so it's going in the right direction. And three, that makes my total since the first of the year exactly 9 pounds, which is an average of 1.8 pounds a week. One of the things I did differently this week when I weighed-in was I stepped onto the scale with a different mindset. Yeah, I walked in with what I was hoping to lose, but I also walked in remembering the bigger picture. What I've lost the past 5 weeks, the fact I had a big loss last week, and knowing I did all I could this week to make sure I'm meeting my goals. So, when I saw the number, instead of saying "Damn, I only lost .8", I wrote the number down in my log and thought to myself, "Hey, I lost and down is down!" I'm just happy I'm one step closer to my goals!