Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daily Motivational - The Importance Of Balance

Being able to balance everything in your life can be difficult at times, and if things get too off balanced, sometimes your life can start feeling as if it's getting out of control. For me personally, I have my job, workouts, family, friends, and then myself. There have been many times that I've allowed one thing to have a negative impact on another, simply by not having balance. And when this happens, a lot of the times I have to stop what I'm doing, take a step back and refocus on life.

There have been many times I've allowed my job to carry over into my personal life and let it effect my mood. I know it's important to leave work at work, there's nothing I can do about it once I leave anyway. But, sometimes it's hard for me to do that, and it really does impact other parts of my life. Since I go straight from work to my workouts, typically that's what is effected the most. I go in to the fitness center mentally tired and in a bad mood and then I'm not focused on my workouts and don't get the most out of them. And every once in awhile, no matter how hard I try, I have to just refocus and remind myself I can't let these things bother me.

The other thing that tends to be neglected the most when I don't balance my life, is myself. I really try to balance my life where I keep work at work, and then outside of that I balance time for my workouts, family, friends, and then even for myself. But, I tend to neglect myself the most, and that can make me feel overwhelmed. It's important to take time for yourself. Sometimes I'll grab a book and go to a local Starbucks or Camille's and have lunch/coffee by myself while I read. I've even taken a weekend and went out of town by myself and just enjoyed a couple days to reflect on my life. Something I'm doing today, is I'm having a 'ME DAY'. This is where I treat myself to something, and today I'm having my nails done, pedicure, lunch with a friend, a little shopping, and then tomorrow I'm having my hair done.

So, regardless of what all you have going on in your life, the important thing is to find balance. And when you find that balance, at some point I guarantee you something will start making you feel like life's spinning all around you, and that's when you need to: STOP, FOCUS, RE-BALANCE. Because having a happy life isn't about what or who you have in your life; but about how you well you balance your life.