Thursday, May 2, 2013

Daily Motivational - It's Worth It

I'm still struggling this week, and a lot of it is from mental frustration due to my leg still hurting. I get so frustrated when I have to modify an exercise. Even though I know the modifications are temporary, and the purpose is to avoid any type of further injury or even permanent injury, I still feel I'm not putting a 100% into my workouts. Then that causes me to feel I'm not getting everything I should out of my workouts. And then on top of that all I lost was half a pound this week, which basically is what I gained last week.

This led to another, what I call a heart to heart talk with my trainer last night. There were a few tears, and unfortunately they weren't his tears. And after several minutes of him questioning me, and not accepting "I don't know" as an answer, it really came down to my frustration and that I didn't feel like doing my cardio like I normally would. He empathizes with my frustrations and he's not making me feel like I've totally failed, but what he doesn't want me to do is get into a mindset that it's acceptable each week; because if I do then two weeks turns into six weeks of no progress and there really is no excuse for that. 

When I got home last night I went through my past daily motivationals I've posted these past couple months, and I thought to myself; why is it I know what and when to say these things to motivate others; yet, it's difficult for me to stay motivated? To be honest, I think it goes back to that saying, "It's easier said than done". So, with that thought, I went back to this quote I've seen before. I can actually hear my trainer's voice inside my head telling me this. And it's true, it's not an easy journey; but when I get to my final goal, it'll definitely be worth it.