Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Recipe: Apple Bacon Chicken Salad

Before posting this recipe I wanted to make sure it not only was something I would recommend based on taste, but wanted to make sure I had suggestions on how to serve and keep for future use. Because I prep my whole week's of meals on Sunday, I wasn't sure how this would be a few days after being made, so I have a couple suggestions.

Because some of my meals I freeze and pull out the day before to heat up for my lunch or dinner, I tested a serving by freezing and seeing how it would taste the next day. My suggestion is DON'T freeze it! It still has a good taste, but the apples do become soggy. The two servings I didn't freeze, I kept in the refrigerator and even after a few days still tasted delicious and also the apples were still crisp.

Now, how to serve! If you are carb cycling, you can eat this on a high or low carb day. For a low carb day, being served on a bed of raw spinach is filling and tasty. If you are eating it on a high carb day, eating with a whole grain or Ezekiel pita bread or tortilla is what I would recommend.

You can get the recipe directly at this link on Read Set Eat website. Tasty version of a healthy chicken salad and only 185 calories for one cup!