Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weigh-In Update

Just felt compelled to include a little humor with this week's weigh-in update. As I've mentioned before, this whole becoming healthier journey can be very emotional, and this week has been one emotional roller coaster! And I'm not here to only talk about only the positive things that happen, but when things aren't going quite right as well.

So, this week I was up 1.8 pounds, and yes it REALLY bothered me! But, as usual, Michael keeps me from getting too far off track by his encouraging and motivating talks. We discussed moving forward and I'm taking his suggestions. The thing is, I think I'm having the opposite problem of some people, my eating is very clean but I'm struggling in other areas. And like Michael said, not to use it as an excuse, but I am working through an injury and didn't get my cardio in like I normally do. Plus, I've had a lot of other stuff going on that has my mind racing 100 mph and not sleeping well some nights. He didn't modify much on my meals since what I'm eating is clean, but making a minor change as far as the time I eat breakfast. The other suggestions involved me getting more sleep and trying to eliminate any unnecessary stress. First rule is I can't wake up before 4:00 am and he suggested I also keep a daily journal for just myself.

So, I'll take all his suggestions and "Trust The Process" as he always reminds me I need to do, and we'll see what happens next week. Hopefully will be back on track, because if I don't start making progress he might be tempted to call Keith Jacobs in who gives no mercy (but in a good way)! :)

And speaking of Michael Watkins and Keith Jacobs being some awesome trainers....these two were on air with KRMG's "Man Show" this morning and had some great advice for people wanting to get healthier! Want to know how Fitness Together and their team of trainers can help you meet your own health and fitness goals? Contact them here in the Tulsa area at Fitness Together Downtown Tulsa or Fitness Together Jenks/Riverside and they will make sure you have all the tools and knowledge to be successful, it's just up to you to do it!

Michael Watkins - Owner     Keith Jacobs - Manager