Monday, June 1, 2015

Daily Thoughts - Staying Positive

Today is definitely one of those days I'm looking a littler harder for the positive. I originally sat down to post that I might not be on for a few days. My Dad has been in the hospital since last Wednesday and I'm taking the next few days off work because they are now talking about doing an open lung biopsy. But after I sat down and really thought about it, if anything I need to be posting my daily thoughts. This is blog isn't just about how to workout and eat to be healthier, but an overall health that includes our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. So, the posts might not be long or in depth over the next few days; but you'll definitely get some of my thoughts.

Today I found myself struggling to be positive just because I started to really feel overwhelmed with everything. I was able to talk to Michael this morning, and that always seems to help since he's good at telling me what I need to hear. And then taking his advice and keeping in prayer and meditation to keep me from getting anxious and stressed. So, like the quote says, always look for something positive in each day, even if you have to look a little harder some days. Today the positive is, as one doctor mentioned, they are ruling out a lot of things that isn't wrong so we just need to continue to move forward to figure out what is wrong. And I also think it's positive that his doctor is refusing to let other's opinions sway him from what he feels needs to be done, and he doesn't want my Dad to leave until they have figured out what is wrong.