Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Daily Thoughts - When You're Not Meeting Your Goals

We've probably all heard that saying, "If Plan A doesn't work, you still have 25 letters left." And this is a great concept at reminding us that when we set goals, and we have our plan to get there, that it's okay that plan changes as long as we never give up on our goal. But, when I saw this, I thought this was a better concept.

We have 90 day goals, and within those goals we have 30 and 60 day benchmarks for each of our core4 goals. Tonight as I was talking with my Empire sisters and Michael, as we are approaching our 30 day benchmark, I realized we all had at least one of our goals where we are probably going to have to reevaluate and change up our plan. Mine is for my body, my goal was to lose 25 pounds in the 90 days and lose 10 of that in the first 30 days. I was on the right track, but last week I didn't eat as planned for a few days since my dad was in the hospital, I allowed the stress to control me, and I didn't do my meditation/blogging daily as I should. This all played a role in me being up on the scale 4.4 pounds for the week when I weighed in Saturday. Now I expected to be up just by how I felt, and so even though it's not what I wanted, I wasn't going to allow it to stress me out where it carried over into this week. I refocused and thought I'll just have to get back to eating what is planned/prepped, do my meditation/blogging, and not stress about things I can't control.

Tonight I realized I only have 5 days to lose 5.5 lbs to hit my 30 day benchmark. Is it possible? Maybe. What I gained could be lost, and then some, once I quit stressing and started eating according to what I planned. But, after our group talk tonight Michael said something that made me realize, just because I might be off on my 30 day benchmark due to the one bad week doesn't mean I'm going to miss my ultimate 90 day goal. I just had to refocus, get back on track, and make sure I'm doing my shit inside and outside the gym.

And what I like about the inserted quote, is it gives great advice. It's okay for the plan, and even the goal, to change; but doing the following will help you be more successful.
  1. Rethink where your plan went wrong
  2. Seek help where you need it
  3. Take what you learned and use it to strategize a new plan to hit your goal
So, don't get discouraged and just give up if you feel like your goal isn't going to be met; but instead take a deep breath, refocus, rethink, ask for help if needed, and come up with a new plan to hit your goal.