Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day 4 Progression Pull-Up Plan

Yesterday my trainer had me do day 3 of the pull-up plan as part of my warm-up before my training session with him. And he actually recommended I start making it part of my warm-up before sessions, and then I can do it again later in the evening on my own as well if I wanted. So, as I was between the first and second set I thought to myself, "These don't really take that long and I wondered if I should be doing more sets or reps." But, then as I was half-way through the second set I thought, "Nope, I'm feeling it and this is not as easy at it appears on paper." I mentioned to someone yesterday that I have to remember that this is my weak area and that I need to start at the beginning and work my way up. I have to think of this as if it was my first day starting and I can't go in there and rep out 10 sets or 50 reps each set. And I have to remember that the areas I am strong in, deadlifts, bench press, back squats, happened over the past four plus years. In order to get stronger in the area of pull-ups and meet my goal, it's not about how much I'm doing or how fast I'm getting there, but I just need to follow this plan and trust the process. So, who's ready for day 4?

The plan indicates to do 8 reps of Struggle Ups Struggle Downs.

Here's how they explain to do these.
  • Begin hanging on the bar
  • Pull yourself up by activating your lats and shoulders as much as you possibly can (I'm imagaining I won't be pulling myself up much but it will be important to keep those muscles activated as you continue the next step)
  • Struggle for 5 seconds
  • After the 5 seconds, then step on the box to do a jumping negative pull-up (jump up and lower yourself as slow and controlled as possible)