Monday, September 14, 2015

Never Give Up

Today at Fitness Together, for those of us that have set some personal goals, we started the 90 day challenge to meet that goal. I have goals 90 day goals for my body, being, balance, and business; but my 90 day goal for my body is to be able to do three strict pull-ups by the end of the 90 days. This is important to me because I currently am unable to do one pull-up unless it's assisted with a band or a box. Pull-ups are a weak area for me and I want to really improve on these. I'm doing this by following a progression pull-up plan and also setting 30 and 60 day benchmarks. My goal is to be able to do one strict pull-up in 30 days, two in 60 days, and then my ultimate 90 day goal to be able to do three.

This is how my first day went. I cried, twice! My first day of the plan consisted of 8-12 assisted pull-ups with a band for three sets; or 8-12 reps of jumping negative pull-ups with a box for three sets. One of our trainers has told me before that he doesn't feel the bands are as effective as using a box, and also after talking with another client who can do strict pull-ups saying he used the jumping negative technique to improve, I chose to go that route. So, I get through the first set, took a slight break. Then halfway through the second set I started crying and thought to myself there's no way I'm going to be able to do this. I wiped the tears and finished the second set. Got off the box, took a step back, took a bit longer of a break, refocused, and got back up there to do the third and final round. I started crying again; but this time it was out of determination to finish the set because this is a goal I really want to meet.

What kept me pushing through and not giving up? There were a few things that kept me from giving up on my goal on day one. For starters, anytime I struggle and start doubting myself, I always hear Michael's voice saying, "Get out of your head! Get out of your own way!" And tonight his voice in my head was pretty loud! Also, I put my goal out on our FT Client page so everyone knows I've set this goal and lets be honest, no one wants to give up on day one of the 90 day goal challenge that everyone knows about. But, also, earlier in the day I had reached out to the trainer and two other clients who I train with during our Friday competition class. One of the clients said she would do the plan with me, and the other client replied, "Both of you are very strong, and you should have no problem doing these once you focus on them." Getting refocused for the third round, and remembering this, is why I was determined to finish all three sets.

One thing I've always said, and actually just told one of the trainers last week, I might have days I whine at times and I might even complain; but one thing you'll never see me do is quit. So, getting all the "I can't do this" and negative thoughts out of my head and remembering all the encouraging and positive things I am more determined to meet my goal. So, what are your goals? Have you put them out there where others can hold you accountable, encourage you, and help you reach those goals? If you haven't I encourage you to put your goals out there, stay focused, stay positive, and more importantly....NEVER GIVE UP!