Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!

It's been a few weeks since I've been on here and there really is no excuse except I've been slacking. I've been in that "I just don't feel like it mood". I've been a little burnt out, but also the past couple weeks I have been struggling with some personal stuff. This past week I've been on vacation and had a lot of time to reflect and think about many things, including the purpose of my blog. I started out with the purpose of the blog is to become healthier, but something I forgot is health is more than just eating right and working out. We also have our emotional and mental health that we must keep healthy as well. And thinking back, I didn't start eating healthy and working out until after I became mentally and emotionally healthier.

If you read my bio, you would know that before I started making changes in my diet and fitness, I actually focused on my mental health, which in turn lead me to a better emotional state. And as I pondered on this, I realized there are probably many people who are in the same situation and only focusing on eating right and working out may not be what they need right now.

My blog is still titled "Becoming Healthier With Sherrie", but instead of one bite one rep at a time, I changed it to "Becoming healthier and staying healthy". I talked with some people on ideas I've been having and what I want to do to move forward. Because not only is this blog important to me, I've received so much great feedback from others who are benefiting from it, that I want to continue to be able to inspire others to make the changes they need to make in order to live a healthier life.

So, on that of the things someone mentioned was having to many motivations actually can be discouraging. Their comment was, people tend to start feeling too much pressure, along with getting bored because things tend to start to sound repetitive. And I ALWAYS welcome feedback, so feel free to always shoot me messages if you have an opinion or suggestion. 

These are the following changes and plans I have in mind to move forward:

  • Instead of a daily motivational, I figured it's important to kick off the week right so I will have a motivational quote Monday's to get your week going in the right direction.
  • And, for me anyway, it's still important to have "Weigh-in Wednesday". I've been doing that each week, just like I said slacking on posting. This Wednesday I'm hoping to meet a new goal. If I can lose 1 pound I'll be back to the lowest I've been since starting two years ago, but if I can lose 2 pounds I'll be the lowest I've been in YEARS!
  • Weekly recipe will still be posted. One of the things I received multiple comments on was, instead of posting them on Monday nights, to post them Thursday or Friday night. The purpose, is many people do their grocery shopping and meal planning on the weekend. They feel if it's posted towards the end of the week they would have the recipe for that weekend instead of having to wait all week. So, per that request, I will start posting the weekly recipe on Thursday.
  • Weekend challenge is something I never really started, but would like to get it going. I have a new app that gives me random workouts and I will be posting those on Fridays to challenge you and myself to get some extra activity in each weekend.
These will be the four regular posts I will have, but continue to look for other posts randomly. They could be my thoughts on something that I want to share, or even stories or links from other sites/blogs that may benefit someone else. And also, keep in mind, even though a big part of becoming healthier is focused on eating properly and working out; I'll also be sharing things to help and keep us mentally and emotionally healthy as well.

I was feeling kind of bad about not being on here for so long, and not only felt I let myself down, but others as well. I know there have been many people who have made comments that this blog has helped them stay focused and that means a lot to me knowing others are being helped by my experience. But, then I realized, this is a perfect example of how this health/fitness journey can be hard and that I too will slack and have setbacks.

You all are amazing and the support I get from you all truly does mean a lot!