Saturday, June 29, 2013

Random Thought To Ponder

Every day we have to make decisions that affect our lives. For the most part, our daily decisions are not that difficult or need much thought. However, from time to time we do have those moments in life that one decision can majorly impact our life. A lot of times we are not sure if the outcome will be what we are expecting or totally throw our life in a whirlwind. When I face these hard decisions, I'm typically receiving advice from many people who feel they know what's best for me. For me personally, this tends to make it harder and I'm more likely to stress out.

I've been struggling to stay positive and also concerned with the lack of weight-loss. I mentioned having a lot of stuff going on personally as well. I was recently promoted to a new supervisor position and I'm still transitioning into those duties. Overall my job is going very well. I'm enjoying this new opportunity and learning a lot. In regards to the weight-loss, my trainer and I have talked about it many times. It really does come down to intensifying my cardio, avoiding as much stress as possible, and getting sleep. But, there's been more to what's going on and I haven't really said anything until today.

I had lunch with a friend today and enjoyed being able to relax and just talk. I mentioned to her some of the things that were really bothering me and she suggested I talk with my trainer. I have two amazing guys I work with regularly, Mike my main trainer and Steven who gets the pleasure of dealing with my whining once a week! :) What is great about these guys, besides they kick my ass every session, is they truly care about me as a person and my results. I know I can always depend on them to be my biggest motivators at the fitness center. Even when I'm not there, I know I can count on them if I need to talk or even just vent. Tonight, my trainer didn't have a client after me, so I took the opportunity to sit down with him and talk. And even though I have decisions I will have to make that won't be easy, and I will be getting advice from many people, I know in the end I have to do what's best for me. 

After talking with my trainer tonight, I knew regardless of the decisions I end up making, I'll have someone supporting me no matter what. I came across this quote tonight, and it couldn't have been at a better time, because it reminded me how important it is to not let all the advice I get from every direction divert me from what I need to do for myself. It's like the quote says, other people don't have to deal with the results of my decisions, and if I want to be happy in life I'm making decisions for me and no one else!