Saturday, December 7, 2013

Having A Bad Day? Workout!!!!

It's been about a week since I've posted anything, but it's been a busy and crazy week at work. This week has also been slightly out of the norm for me, not only am I fighting what I believe is a sinus infection, but the weather here in Tulsa, Oklahoma effected my schedule at work and the fitness center and I didn't get all my workouts in like I typically do. But, that's no excuse to just not workout at all, and Michael made sure he provided something on Facebook for the clients to do while we were snowed in at home. Always thinking about his clients, what a guy! :)

Anyway, back to the purpose of today's post. Prior to the snow and ice hitting us, as I mentioned I'm trying to fight something off, lost my voice, and Thursday I wasn't having the best day. So, I sent Michael a text telling him I was having a bad day, wasn't up to being around a lot of people, and wasn't coming to the lunch workout because I didn't want to bum everyone else out. And then his reply was (as I kind of expected it would be), come workout, you need a break, and working out always makes you feel better. When it came time to leave for the lunch workout, I decided to go and get out of the office in hopes I would feel better, and as usual I was glad I went. Not only did getting the actual workout in make me feel better, but being around all the other clients who are always encouraging and supportive made a big difference. I couldn't talk well without my voice, but we all had the same thought about that workout, "Michael, we hate you right now!" But, that just means the workout was effective and we got something out of it.

Besides the small workouts I've done at home, Thursday was the last time I was at the fitness center due to the weather until this morning. And when I woke up, I was really wishing I could crawl back in bed where it was warm and go back to sleep. But, I knew I needed to get in there and not only get a workout in, but today was also my weigh-in day. So, once again, I went in and ended up feeling better when I was done. Okay, maybe I left feeling a lot better because I lost about a pound this week and I also got to see my favorite precious kiddos (Beckett and Marley...those adorable smiles make my day), but the workout Jamie put us through pushed me hard and it felt great when I finished it.

The hardest time getting in there and working out is when you're tired, not feeling 100%, or having a bad day. But, when you are feeling this way, these are the times it's important you get in there anyway and workout. For me, it never fails, that no matter how crappy my day is or how horrible I'm feeling, I always feel better after pushing myself hard and getting a good workout in!