Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Never Claimed To Be Normal

One thing I've never done was claim to be normal, and if you know me personally I'm pretty sure you're sitting there laughing as you shake your head in agreement. And that's okay, who wants to be normal anyway?

When I find something I love and am passionate about, I move forward with all I've got. And there's nothing I'm more passionate about than my health and fitness. Others might even say I'm obsessed considering how much I workout. But, when it comes to my health and fitness, despite all the support and encouragement I receive from all the wonderful people in my life, I'm still the only person who can control the outcome of my journey. That's why when I want to shut the alarm off and go back to sleep, I drag myself out of bed and get into the fitness center instead. I say yes to challenges that seem impossible. When my body says no you can't do this, my mind (with the help of my trainer pushing me) says yes you can and will do this!

When it comes to my health and fitness I might become intense and obsessed with what I'm doing, but I'm on my own personal quest to a better and healthier life. I just wish I would have found this passion for health and fitness a long time ago. So what if I'm not normal, because if I never stop, I'll always be able to say I'm better today than I was yesterday.