Saturday, October 12, 2013

Accept, Face, & Conquer Your Challenges

I didn't realize it has been a little over a week since I've been on my blog. With work, working out, and last weekend I went out of town for a family reunion, I guess time got away from me. I've missed being on here and will do my best to not let that much time go by again!

Today I'll be participating in a gauntlet challenge at the fitness center. I've seen what the workout will entail, but I'm still nervous because throughout this week I've really pushed myself in my workouts, and even had a couple extra thrown in, and I'm still sore from those. But, all I can do is go in there, do my best, and know as long as I finish I've already won!

I was thinking this morning about accepting this challenge, because we've been doing small weekly challenges for the past five weeks working our way up to this one big challenge, and wondering how and why do I get myself into these situations. And then I remembered this quote I saw, so I had to go out and find it again, but it really is true. If I quit accepting these challenges, or give up when I'm facing them, I'll no longer be moving forward. By accepting challenges and facing them head on, I'm not only allowing myself to go outside my comfort zone, but I'm improving myself overall and just another step closer to my meeting my goals.