Friday, October 4, 2013

Quitting Is Not Acceptable

This quote is perfect for today's post. I have days where my trainer has to really push me hard because I'm not giving my all, and he knows what I'm capable of accomplishing. But, then I have those days that I push myself to the limit and today was one of those days. There have been a few sessions where the trainers have pushed me pretty hard where I've either puked, cried, or was in pain; but today was the first time I managed to experience all three at once and I was only doing cardio.

Yesterday Michael mentioned he had something in mind for my cardio that involved the rower. So I go in and I ended up sprinting on the rower for 2000 meters, for three rounds. I didn't realize how hard sprinting 2000 meters would be, let alone doing it three times. Towards the end of the first set, I was starting to feel the pain and achiness in my legs, arms, and even my abs. But, a few minutes into my third round, I knew I wasn't going to finish before needing to puke. I can't stand to puke and always try to make it to the bathroom, which I did. I ended up walking out of there looking a mess and teary eyed, and I knew I had to go finish my last round. I wasn't about to quit just because I was sore, puking, and shedding a few tears. I finished, and it was rough, but one thing I don't ever want to do is quit just because something becomes difficult. As long as I'm not putting myself in a place where I can hurt myself, suffering a little discomfort is worth it and will get me closer to my goals.