Sunday, October 20, 2013

You're Only Cheating Yourself

One of the first things I committed to myself was I would not miss or reschedule a workout "just because" and I would take advantage of every opportunity my trainer gives me, during and outside of my sessions. I'm constantly asking questions, asking for new cardio ideas, new meal ideas, and I send messages to my trainer of things that are on my mind. I'll even send him messages of when I'm having a bad day just to vent and sometimes feel I've become this high maintenance client that is more of a bother. But, he has reassured me I'm no bother, but in fact, these are the exact reasons I've gotten the results I have and he likes being a part of my success. When I saw this quote, I couldn't help but think if I was constantly late, left early, cheated on my rep counts, or didn't give my all each session I probably would not be as successful as I have been. And the thing is, if you are a client who is not taking advantage of all the time and knowledge of your trainers, the only person that is being cheated is you. If you don't put in 100% effort, you will not get the results you want. So, my recommendation is to get your ass in there and put in the work, because until you do you have no right to complain about not getting results.